West Coast style mono synth.
Includes the engine and a script for patch editing and playing via MIDI.

Video on Instagram

Wave folding, FM, LPG, spring-ish reverb, LFO and two dice to roll.

The included lib should make it easy to use the engine in other scripts – here’s a super-simple demo.


MIDI or grid note input (eg, keyboard, sequencer, grid)


E1/K2 : Change page
K3 : Change tab
E2/3 : Adjust parameters

Bonus settings in the parameters list!


Passersby v1.2.0
Note that you’ll need to restart after installing an engine.



Been using it on Awake today, so good!

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I like it a lot. one (nnob) question…Is it possible to save/recall the generated patches? I can’t find a way…

[Forget about it]: I just found how to save stuff on Norns (I’ve built a diy)


I’m a new Norns user and unfortunately not a coder. If I wanted to use Passersby like @nattog used it in Awake does this require changing the code in the Awake script? Do I copy and paste the demo you have linked into the script? Or is it a more simple parameter action?


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It requires changes in the awake script. I don’t have access to my changes I made until January now but can share when back if you don’t beat me to it!

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Great! Thanks. Much Appreciated. I have so many things that I’m learning about with Norns so waiting is not an issue in the least. :slightly_smiling_face:

Awake with Passersby here: Github


So when i want to use earthsea with grid and passersby i should replace the awake script with this one?

Edit. Mixed up awake and ash, wondering if i can use earthsea + passersby instead of molly

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Passersby and Molly have interchangeable noteOn/noteOff etc controls so you should be able to swap those two easily, but keep in mind that Passersby is a monosynth.

Grid support for passersby would be ace;)

And a badass one too!


Small update up that adds headings to params, copies the simple grid support from Molly and fixes a bug with long release notes getting cut.


This is such a lovely library, any chance you would add support for polyphony? (even just 2 voices)

Not without some major changes – it’s already at the performance limit. The engine is actually additive behind the scenes. There’s probably loads of optimizations to be had there but it’s not something I’m pushing on.


Thank you so much for the grid support!! Ahw…the very first “soft? Digital synth” i enjoy and feel.
If i would want to swap earthsea ash’s molly with this, how would i do it, edit out a block of molly kind of and edit in a block of passersby? I doubt its that simple

Blown away by your skill and taste btw, salute!
I ve one idea/request whatever :slight_smile: would it be an easy edit to allow midi out (note on/off) while actually playing passrsby with a grid? That way we could hit external things like another LPG


Glad you’re enjoying it! I think if you go through some of the norns studies you’ll find these pretty simple changes to have a go at.


really loving this synth for how beastly it can get as well :slight_smile:

This is with an OP-Z sequencing it and a simple bass tone Tdef running directly in the Maiden REPL.


And some more @markeats script love.

Totaly unseriously messing around with passersby awake feeding into a modified MI ears and finaly into a vactrol LPG brazilian drummer style :slight_smile: glad this instrument has worked out, i ve spent a lot of time on building it. Just need to replace the attack pot for a lower value the control is a bit messy as is.

First 1-2 sec are in vca mode so w/o the lpg cap filter


Wow! That is quite the sheild + grid build!!! What all do you have going on behind that panel? The ears circuit, is that as an amp to bump up to modular levels? Is it the envelope follower? Are your audio ins/outs fir the sheild re-routed?

that’s pretty rad man!