Here you go.

It took a lot of energy belive me…


Just noticed in this port the sound preset isnt saved with the sequences as Pset.
Just thought i mention in case it was unintentionaly skipped.

Certainly unintentional - to be quite honest i rarely use presets so i just hadn’t tested that part… Will try and take a look soon

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With a new norns image i have no interaction between passersby and my grid 64 anymore. All other scripts i tried, automaticaly accept the grid.
Any idea what could be up there?

@markeats was sth changed between grid and passersby in one of the last updates?
I cant make connection between my 64 and this script anymore with most recent update.
All other scripts run fine

Working fine here, check your settings/params I guess?

Its really wierd, same for molly the polly.
Params show midi device 1 (none is connected) but no grid.

@markeats sorry to bother again and maybe this should be in the shield thread but, i amanged to get grid + passersby running again as soon as i was able to connect to wifi again.

But now i realize that with the new norns firmware, there is a wierd power / noise issue with passersby wich i suppose is based on its high cpu demand and happens also with the awake port.

When i drive from a chunky 3 ampere powerbank passersby makes a ring mod kind of distortion noise on note play every few seconds. This deosnt happen when wallplugged.
The noise fades in and out and really resembles a ring mod effect quite exactly but ofc is problematic.

Afaik this didnt happen with the older version of norns / passersby.
Any idea what i could do to use my powebank but fix the issue?

Sorry I really don’t have a clue on shield power stuff, I’m sure others on here do though.

Yeah sorry it is/was power dependant. I guess these scripts are extra hungry or sth

I am still struggling to find a way to sequence this as no ES port. Awake is just very different from how i like to sequence melodies. What are you using yourself like in the og Vid. Some hw Midi sequencer but also grid? I am not really getting it.

I was using Mark Eats Sequencer of course :wink:


Is it theoretically possible to port MES to norns relatively easily?? That script is petty much that only reason to use a grid with my laptop these days!!!

It’d probably make more sense to start over using some of the same ideas than try and port that one. The norns interface is quite unique and it’d be good to take advantage of it. It’s not something I’m planning on though tbh.

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Thanks for the answer. Gonna keep my laptop hanging around then!

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