Awesome! thank you. Going to try it right now…

edit: ok, I replaced the line 228, saved it and loaded awak-passersby and dialed in a sustained A note and it is still 440. Is there something I need to do to the awake-passersby lua?

Oh, I was not aware you were using a different script! Tl;dr – make the same change here: awake-passersby/awake-passersby.lua at main · nattog/awake-passersby · GitHub

local freq = MusicUtil.note_num_to_freq(note_num) * (432/440)

Explanation: So the Passersby synth itself (that line you first found, in the engine) doesn’t know anything about “A” or note names or MIDI note numbers. It simply is told which frequency to play by whatever norns script is using it (which is why you saw an input argument called freq, and not something like note_num). The job of deciding “A = 440” or “A = 432” is owned by the norns scripts, and most all of them are going to be delegating it to the norns built-in utility MusicUtil (specifically, MusicUtil.note_num_to_freq). Find usage of that function in whatever script you’re using, and it’s a safe bet that that’s the place you’ll want to insert any tuning before it gets sent to that script’s engine.

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Sweet! Now I’m in tune with the rest of my gear. Thank you for the information and explanation.