Passive Utilities Box


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I love your passive box design I think these types of utilities are criminally unavailable, especially for the tabletop synth/noisemaker musician.


I will flag that OSH are not the cheapest option, but they are excellent quality and have good tooling. (When I say ‘not the cheapest option’ - three boards for the 16n thing we’re building work out around $250 with OSH, and I can get five for $50 from my preferred decent-quality Chinese supplier.)

Of course, your attitudes towards eg shipping, air fuel, etc, may - and should - inform your PCB supplier.


I very much like that it’s lots of small separate boards - if only to make it a plug/play toolbox of components!


Yes I agree on OSH park costs, but I don’t know of an easier way to make boards easily available for anyone to order.

I can also upload the eagle files so people can have them made by their fab of choice.

Last night I revised all the modules to be under 19mm in width (max). That way people could also fit them on a 4hp panel if rack mounting is preferable (plus gives another use for any spare boards left over).

Thanks for all the positive comments so far :slightly_smiling_face:


I had a bit of time last night, so I’ve tweaked the layout, added the features discussed, and also added a new PCB for a half wave rectifier.

I’ve collated the schematics (see attached .pdf) and would greatly appreciate it if someone could have a look just to double check everything is in order :grinning:

Passive_Utility_Schematics.pdf (37.1 KB)

In terms of panel/box layouts here is what I have (checked with PCB and enclosure dimensions):

The 1590B is using what I will have left from 1 OSH park order for a full set of boards.

In terms of group buys, I’ll upload all the Eagle Files here, so if someone wanted to organise a group buy and get boards fabbed…no problem :+1:


um yes please thanks