Patch and Tweak book on Kickstarter


Sequel to Push Turn Move.

Only a few left at the lowest price tier.

Just in case anyone is interested.


My local got a stack of these in. I wandered over today to aimlessly look at modules but I’m so happy with my system I couldn’t really think of anything to buy. What is this “Tides” thing anyway.

A 50-ish gentleman was in the shop, clearly he had recently started on his homeopathic GAS injections, building up the toxin slowly in his system. Asking questions, pointing to modules, very tentative. His partner was looking at something else but she came over and looked with him. They seemed enthusiastic together, like when you buy a pet and you know you’ll both have to work on it or it’ll poop on the floor and die.

The staff in my local are very good and patient, they basically said. “Buy this book, come back and see us in a week.”

I bought a book cause I couldn’t think of a module to buy. I wish this book existed when I was getting started. You know how they say the book is always better than the movie? Well this book starts at the absolute beginning, unlike learning from YouTube which I did for a couple of years but struggle with.

Great way to start out.


I’m kind of considering changing a few things in my modular; I’m very pleased with the core of it, but there are a few things I feel like I only use to justify having them or because I feel like I “should” like them.

But I’m not going to make any changes until after I’ve gone through Patch & Tweak :slight_smile:

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Tweaked out


Just got mine and… wow, very useful resource. A bit intimidating due to the length and tiny font and thousands of entries and…

I highly recommend as a gift to anyone you know who is starting out (or even not). Might lead to excessive GAS, though, so…

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I’ve already learnt so much from it over this weekend. it’s perfect starter for me


Spotted on Facebook and entirely too good not to share here:

(posted by Edward Ramsay-Morin)


That’s fantastic :laughing:

Now I’m picturing the 5U version of Patch & Tweak. The cover is black, the photo is monochrome, and it’s 16 inches tall.


Just got mine yesterday. It’s beautiful and full of inspiration and learning!

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Online patch notes editor which uses the modular notation schema that they created for the book. Looks fairly useful whether you have the book or not.

(Possibly worthy of its own topic/thread?)


Looks good. The Allen Strange text was always my fave modular synth book, but it certainly didn’t have as much bling as this! Design reminds me a bit of the Roland book from a couple of years ago.