Patch Request

I’m pretty new to Monome and I’m really not sure what issue I’m running into - I may just be doing everything wrong. I have a Grayscale 128 Grid, Ansible, and White Whale. When I go into either Kria or Meadowphysics on the Ansible, it doesn’t seem like it’s working properly or I’m not getting full functionality. Same thing happens with White Whale, the Grid doesn’t appear to be controlling anything. I thought it might be a power issue - I had everything in a Pittsburgh Foundation 3 case and moved to a Happy Ending kit. Neither one is completely full so I shouldn’t be taxing the power. I’m running into the same issue with both. I’m using an Offworld-1 to power the Grid, it lights up and everything seems to be fine with it from what I can tell. I flashed the newest firmware on Ansible and I was successful.

I have two Mangroves that I was using to test with. So as I try to determine what exactly is going on, I was hoping that someone who has an Ansible or White Whale and Mangrove could film a simple patch so that I can try to recreate it and maybe figure out what is going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



what firmware of white whale are you running? it should work, though the grayscale 128 is not variable brightness:

unfortunately ansible only supports variable-brightness grids: those 128’s produced from 2012 on:

do you get a power-up blip when you plug in the grid? have you tested it on a computer to ensure it’s working?

Ok, that makes sense on the Ansible. The Grid does a power-up blip - I’m assuming you’re referring to the quick arrow looking light animation from the top left. I just successfully flashed White Whale with the most recent firmware, just to be safe. It seems to be working from what I can tell. I was mainly basing my issues on what was happening with Ansible so I think I should be ok until I can get a variable brightness Grid. I appreciate the reply.