Patchbay gestures (distortion effect)

I’ve been thinking about all sorts of ways I can use 8x8 matrices for playable patching, with gestures inspired by Rodrigo’s Monolase.
gonna share each patch as I make it.
I don’t have a max license so all I’ll be able to share is a screen shot oops

So here is the first, a really wild distortion/waveshaper.
The gen patch is just snipped from the “Waveset” gen example, I found it to sound better tracking into fzero~.
The frequency is divided into 8 divisions, those divisions control cycle~ objects, those are smashed to one bit and fed into the matrix. the outputs of the matrix are sent to control individual coefficients on the chebyshape~ object, which sounds brutally distorted.
What makes this sound cool is that a lot of the time the divisions are subaudio, but bounce up in the audio range frequently as well, creating awesome crunch.
I didn’t feel like adding monome functionality to a patch I cant’t even save so for now I just use the little circle button guy.

If you feel like recreating this patch (I know I barely do) tell me how it goes. I’ve getting samples off it all afternoon.