Patchbox OS image for Raspberry Pi

Figured some of you folks would be into this :slight_smile:

The Blokas guys have created a sound orientated OS based on Raspian lite.

It is an OS image based on Raspbian Lite preconfigured with audio software for a smooth user experience. On the first boot, a configuration wizard will run to help set up the system, including configuring the Jack Backend parameters and connecting to WiFi network.


This looks great! I’m gonna try it out on my Pisound ASAP. This could make it even easier for some friends of mine to get into embedded instruments.

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Does Patchbox OS have any functionality making it easy to autorun a particular patch with SC or PureData?

Well, the pisound button can be configured for that purpose. Check the docs.

I’ve found it to work quite well with the Pisound Android app. But of course, you need an android phone or tablet to able to use that.
There’s also a couple of caveats with the app: it relies on bluetooth, and setting up patched to work with it, while being doable, it a bit of typing work. It’s pretty doable once you get the hang of it, but you need to manually configure each patch to work with the app, and it’s a lot of typing in things.
But check it out if you have Android, there should be a demo patch on patchstorage.

From all my attempts to get into using Raspberry Pis for music this has been the easiest to setup succesfully. I don’t have a lot of knowledge of Linux related things. When I ran into trouble the guys from Blokas quickly sorted me out. I would highly recommend anyone remotely interested to give the Blokas stuff a go.

I’ve been looking for a nice way to include a PI in my setup! I have a spare one laying around here somewhere…

Does the pisound-config utility still work with patchbox os? Can we safely use the pisound-config to determine which scripts run, etc?

Yup, patchbox-config has the same pisound button module. :wink: