Patching the miRack (iOS synth)

This is a thread for the iOS app miRack (, a fork of the VCV Rack software. This thread is separate from the VCV Rack thread here on Lines.


So far I have been pretty impressed by the capabilities of this iOS modular, although the documentation is basically nonexistent and the patch saving and sharing is confusing…

It’s inexpensive and has mind-blowing potential, so I jumped on it right away…

I haven’t looked into it, but is there a way folks know of to share miRack patches here on lines? Can you export/import a file of some kind?

Yeah, you save to iCloud, so I imagine they can be shared. Let’s try that.

As mentioned I’ve been finding that aspect really confusing. Even finding patches on my own iPad was been incredibly unfriendly…

That said, it sounds fantastic…

Yeah. I think part of it is the On My iPad interface itself.


I tried several sharing options, none of which worked. I defaulted to emailing you a patch file. Can you see if you can load it?

I have used vcvrack for a long time and jumped on this right away. I think this has so much potential and am eagerly awaiting some of the audio in and midi out options to be ported.


Yeah, audio in and midi are going to be super duper.

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One begin to explore VCV R ask a little while back and today was a big first about bringing everything in line with each other and getting comfortable making connections. One thing that really helps is CC midi learning. I’m hoping that one midi/audio in begin to be implemented that things like the midi fighter twister will be usable.


is it possible to have multiple cables from one output in miRack or do I need to use a mult module for that?

Yeah, you can have multiple cables from one out. Here’s a quick example.

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The usability to actually get there is super annoying — VCV uses a modifier key to specify that you want to make a new cable when dragging from the output instead of moving the cable that’s already there. miRack has no such modifier, so you always wind up moving the existing cable.

The solution is to drag from the destination input, rather than the output


I bought this tonight on my iPad Pro 11 inch.

I populated a whole rack with mutable instruments modules. It’s not called that on the app, but the mutable skins are all spot on. Unfortunately, the clouds and braids modules didn’t really work very well at all…you can’t switch modes/pages on the clouds or menus/options on braids.
But then I started loading generic modules and started getting places. This is still buggy, but if you get used to how “not to click around” on the screen, you stop deleting things and cables. It’s software, so don’t expect real modular logic/sound arguments to happen, but it’s fun.

I hope it gets better. I’d like inter-app audio, and the mutable stuff to work as expected.


You can access other modes (for instance on Clouds) by two-finger tapping the module.


Thanks! I was hoping I was just overlooking something.

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If you go into “On My iPad”, or “iCloud Drive”, and then into the “miRack” folder, long press the “mi” file you want to share and select “Compress”. You can then upload that Zip file e.g. (1.8 KB) When you download it, just uncompress it, by tapping it, and then open the uncompressed file in miRack by tapping on it


I discovered that long pressing the file icon also opens options to rename and share files, as well as to copy them, which is great because the app just overwrites whatever you’re working on… if you want to keep the original you need to copy it before altering it!

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Thanks. I’m doing something wrong. I download that test zip on my iPad in Firefox. Then I navigate to my Firefox download folder in the iPad Files app, but it’s grey’d out, signifying it won’t respond to any touch operation.

Update: It worked in Safari on the iPad. Thanks!

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