this would be a great first project!

i started writing up a big ole study about this here and realized it’d be easier to just do a streaming walkthrough – @Olivier, i’m happy to facilitate and by the end, we should have a midi-fied version of Patchwork.

anyone interested in learning how to add MIDI output to your favorite scripts, DM me and we can sort out a good time this upcoming week.


That’s super generous, @dan_derks! I’d actually love to participate in the stream as midi isn’t something I’ve dabbled in at all, usually relying on PRs from others to see it implemented in my scripts.

@cosmicsoundexplorer I’m sadly short on scripting time these days (working on an album!), but it seems like we’ll at least be able to get midi out implemented relatively quickly. Expanding to 4 tracks sounds great, but would come with some UX challenges that would need consideration. I’ll add it to the to-do list, though.


thanks guys, you rule

i would love to see this stream. will it be on your youtube channel?

eventually, yeah — i was honestly just proposing a few of us hang out on a zoom call or something similar, walk through the changes, record it and edit it down for general release :slight_smile:


@dan_derks That would be unreal if you could add it and id be very interested in joining the zoom and learning somethings!

@Olivier Totally understandable, time is precious and working on an album sounds exciting. Ive just gone into another 6 week lockdown here in Melbourne so I’ve got a lot of extra time for music. Wish I had the skills to add to the script or write a new one. Hopefully you find a little extra time!

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:point_up: Demo notes: sequence A is send via midi to Ableton while sequence B is driving Just Friends, also routed to Ableton with some Valhalla Supermassive after it because why not.

Patchwork finally got some much needed attention! Version 2.0 adds midi out support, configurable output options per sequence and a revised UI.

Midi out

In addition to crow and jf, you can now output both sequences via midi. Midi device and midi channel (per sequence) are selectable via the params menu. Thanks to @cosmicsoundexplorer for the nudge and @dan_derks for jumping on a zoom call to help with implementation. As always, I’m astounded by his boundless generosity :bowing_man:

Configurable Outputs

As I folded midi support in, it occurred to me that Patchwork would be much more flexible if you could freely route either sequence to a variety of output options instead of forcing it through fixed configurations.

Now, each sequence can be routed to the following outputs:

  • CROW 1+2 (out 1 = v/8, out 2 = trig)
  • CROW 3+4 (out 3 = v/8, out 4 = trig)
  • JF.VOX 1
  • JF.VOX 2
  • MIDI

In the case of JF and midi, you can even route both sequences to the same destination. Just Friends’ new and improved polyphonic allocator (in firmware 4.0), makes for some amazingly lush results.

UI update

I took the opportunity to freshen up the UI, and made some tweaks to the key + encoder interactions. Check out the documentation for full details.

Have fun!

Edit — OH! and thanks to @mattlowery for testing :slight_smile:


I would love this 23 times if I could! Thanks @Olivier!!


Could it be possible that when one is using MIDI output, that you could clock both sequences with the internal clock? :slight_smile:


Haha – was just having the same conversation with @mattlowery :slight_smile: Internal clocking is in the air. To paraphrase myself:

Part of the reason Patchwork is driven exclusively by crow is that if an internal clock were used instead, we’d need clock-based commands to make things interesting (like with compass or dunes), which would necessarily complicate the grid interface (8 keys per column == 8 total commands).

Thinking about it more, perhaps Patchwork could work with the internal clock system, but without any associated commands. Instead, the main clock (at whatever rate you have set) would drive sequence A, and a param could let you dial in the rate (as a division of the main rate) for sequence B.


Exactly what I was thinking! Thanks for the consideration as always


What a fantastic update to wake up to!
Super excited to layer JF and OP-1. Thank you for continuing to improve this amazing sequencer :pray:


yes that is a great idea, i was playing this today and i would definitely like internal clocks instead of clocking crow externally. I think the difference for me is i would also like 2 independent internal clocks where you could dial in the exact bpm of how you like and not locked / divided also. I very often run 2 clocks with identical patterns 1 bpm apart for phasing / Reich type stuff. So the divider i would welcome, but also the ability to choose exact bpm also still there, if possible as an option.

The other thing i use a lot to get a different feel is a way to modulate the internal clock in some way instead of having a steady bpm. like a probability change every x time and a bpm range. Just to give the pattern some swing. Its something you can easily do when clocking externally with crow, but can become lost when moving to an internal clocking system.

This is a great update! Love that you provided midi and more i2c outputs. It makes it lot more accessible. Thankyou!


Got something in the works :clock10:


Oh exciting!
As long as the standard operation remains too. I love sending in rhythmic gates that i manually change too. Adds a lot of musical possibilities and now with JF v.4 and geode I’m sure its going to be a wild ride. I also want to say the new output modes are amazing. Having the ability to sequence midi gear and process it through the modular is opening new portals of sound. :sparkles:

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Sorry for asking a silly question like this but how would you send midi out? I’m assuming through one of the USB ports in the back of Norns? Otherwise there is no midi port on Norns that I’m aware of. Thx

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Exactly — for instance, on my end, I’m using a usb/din midi cable that plugs into the midi in on my audio interface.

Wow that’s awesome. Thx!

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No prob! Once connected, your midi device will appear under DEVICES/MIDI in norns’ main system menu with an associated number.

How do you set patchwork to start running using the internal clock (i.e. not clocked by crow)? I tried to use it as a midi sequencer but couldnt get it to start…

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Patchwork was initially designed as a crow-based sequencer (exclusively), but I’m adding support for internal clocking atm! Hopefully will have an update in the next week.