Pattern Synthesis

It should be “plug and play”, as far as a max external can be considered plug and play :smiley:
But I need to build it for different platforms and figure it out how to distribute it. If you’re interested I can send you the external and see if it works on your platform.

Got it, maybe I’m thinking it more complicated than it is! I mainly use Windows for production but also use OSX on my laptop, I’d love to give it a shot.

It definitely did not go unnoticed.

Please don’t delete it before a couple of days. I need to allocate some time in order to read it with attention :slight_smile:


I was doing some pattern related digging today and Stumbled across this Browser based sequencer by Mark Fell and a few others. Pretty Damn Slick!


Thanks for uploading that, it definetly works in standard Pure Data, too! I’m glad you put comments on the different sections because it really is quite complicated. I think it’s really fun and it’s probably not important if it’s correctly implemented :slight_smile: I watched a few videos of similar patches and i think yours was the only one with a step-multiply-switch which i really like. It’s cool to have two very different patterns from the same parameters and to be able to switch between them.

I just tried to do similar things with modulators in Bitwig Studio, but I couldn’t figure out how to make a sequence that changes it’s own speed there, otherwise the possibility to do these kinds o pattern synhtesis inside Bitwig are really good, probably even better with the upcoming Note Grid. Does anyone have experience there?


Just found out that Theo Burt wrote a thesis with some details on my favourite AV works ‘Tiling Sessions’.


Programmed by @jamesbradbury93 who’s on this forum. :sunglasses:
I’m not sure if this was posted, but here’s a wonderful Against The Clock with Fell and Treanor using the software, along with some special guests.


:wave: thanks for the props!

keep your eyes open for a new one coming in March for


Sweet! Thank you I’ll definitely give it a spin!

also mucho props to @jamesbradbury93 ! So awesome!
You got any sneaky fun fell like VCV modules or max devices up those sleeves of yours? :wink:

No sneaky VCV racks up my sleave but I did make one once to output triggers based on the Miller Puckette Z12 algorithm:

code here:

It was a long time ago so no guarantees that it actually works anymore, especially given their new API.

I may make a Max object of the sequencing guts one day though


Oh wow I totally forgot about Summer Mix, I can’t wait to read about that. Thanks!


Jacob Sachs Mishalanie (JSM on YT) made some nice Fell-esque Fellian Fellic sequencers based on that thesis. I made some versions in max but also tried to rebuild it in Bitwig Grid. Mainly simpel equal modulation between stepdelay, clock and notelength which warps the rhythm. In Grid its quite ugly though. Going to try more with the Note grid, which makes it all a bit more streamlined.


oh wow! lol that’s so great!

I’ve been wondering about Jacobs sequencers for a sec now. Maybe I should reach out to see what he’s doing with those multisliders. I’ve tried to build something similar as well.


I would be super keen on seeing your work if you wanted to share, I’ve been building heaps of Grid sequencer patches build around array module abuse and would love to see how you’re handling it.

Ah, I’ve also built my own version of this one, so satisfying to use.


Really nice, thanks for sharing!

Btw - there is an option on multislider ‘continuous data output when mousing’ that sets it to update while you are moving the sliders. I found this useful to check so it is possible to hold the sliders and find nice combinations.

Works really well with the Ableton GuZheng kit : )

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Your things are always really inspiring @angel , thanks for sharing them!

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glad to see i’m not the only who paused that movie a million times to try and copy those patches. curious to see the inner working of your implementation, your gui is certainly much nicer than mine!