PB Scrapes / VAL,UUL

it’s bandcamp friday. feels weird to share/make tunes when everything is heading towards a total collapse.

there’s not much I can do to help. even tho I’m not sure if it’s okay to continue making sounds I guess that quitting the process is not an option.

the world’s a mess. we can document this mess or try to make something beautiful out of it.

anyway. I’ve decided to share few things

both tunes are based on my obsession with feedback manipulations. I had some old recordings and used kaivo/virta to process them.

these were recorded long ago before my divorce. back then everything seemed fine. I’ve enjoyed messing with plumbutter but it was hard for me to figure out if I should share this collection.

would love to hear your feedback. sending lots and lots of love to y’all. love/truth will win after all.

and sorry for the messy text. your support will be highly appreciated.


Bugaev! :raised_hands: (i remember you from the old days :smiley:)
we’re like kindred spirits! we BOTH have plumbutters! AND… we BOTH have divorces! :joy:…(don’t worry, i don’t know how recent yours is, but it gets better with time… it’s like a test of how positive and resilient you can be, until you fall in love with that about yourself, then the world lightens up again thereafter)

these tracks sound very positive and hopeful to me. something tells me you’ll be manifesting better times, no matter what, especially if you DO continue making sounds :+1:
the world’s always been a mess, we’re just paying for it now… it gets better sooner than you think. keep your head up and keep making great sounds! :beers:

hey Raja (I remember you too)

well I’ve sold my pb in 2019 and divorced few months before it. personally it’s getting better indeed but I’m way more worried about my country moving basically nowhere (I’m in Russia and there’s some weird hazy shit going on atm). I’m supporting some local organizations etc but aside from that there’s not much I can do…

thanks for the kind words! not a frequent poster myself but I’m always glad to hear from good old monome folks.