pdx norns / habitus workshop [april 1-2 2023]

o dear ones!

last september we (dan derks and jonathan snyder) were tickled beyond belief to develop and deliver norns/habitus, monome’s first in-person workshop at luck dragon.

now we are tickled once again to announce we are bringing the workshop to portland, or, april 1-2 at CETI, located on the campus of portland state university. come join us to explore field recording and programing with norns. dwelling together we will develop new habits of coding and musical practice through experimentation, research, and the exercise of daydreams.

for the pdx edition of the habitus workshop, we will be joined by Francisco Botello (@24Franks) and Zack Scholl (@infinitedigits) who will be co-teaching with us. this will be part of a week of workshops and performances sponsored by CETI and a separate event announcement for the larger series of events will be posted imminently (see @24Franks’ post below).

please find additional cost and signup details for the habitus workshop here.

in the meantime, if you have any questions, please post them here on this thread or contact us directly.

see you in april!



Yay! Here is a link to the rest of the workshops that will be happening that week. Taught by @dan_derks, @infinitedigits, @jaseknighter and some of the amazing folks at Synth Library Portland, whateverSpace and CETI. There are still more workshops that will be added in the next couple of days.


Oh man. So crushed to miss this.


very excited for these workshops!! I don’t know exactly what is in store for habitus but I’m sure it will be incredibly engaging and inspiring and I’m more than humbled that I can help out.

the tie-in with CETI is the amazing work of @24Franks and @jaseknighter who got in touch that cool group of folks there which organically grew into a whole week of music technology explorations. CETI coordinated with amazing folks like Paul Stoffrogen (of PJRC, e.g. Teensy!) for an afternoon in alien synthesizers. in addition to habitus also, @24Franks is teaching about spatial audio, @dan_derks and Helen Spencer-Wallace are teaching VCV, and Michael Romay is teaching some iZotope audio repair. I’m also revamping a workshop I did two years ago on sampling and synthesis in SuperCollider. my workshop will focus on introductory concepts, but I made these two fun toys from which we will play/tinker/edit/delete things within SuperCollider:

ube (a macro granulator that will teach us about sampling in SuperCollider, workshop link):

and sun (a generative pad machine that will teach us about synthesis in SuperCollider, workshop link):

hope to see you all there!

sorry to miss you!


just a quick double-down of gratitude to jonathan and francisco for nurturing conversations and guiding energy between all of us + CETI. their openness towards others and their care for these topics grew a pretty-niche offering into a super-exciting week of brilliant workshops engaging so many pockets + practitioners.

can’t wait to learn from + hang with y’all!!!

(@marcus_fischer , you will be sorely missed!)


I’m looking forward to joining the event. Sadly I did not jump on the session to build a tiny Arduino synth, but I did get in on the “build a microphone” and “pads with supercollider” sessions. CETI published the list of other sessions you can sign up for, and if you’re in Portland or want to make the trip out, you should check it out.


Myself and the rest of the folks over at Synth Library Portland are so excited for this series! CETI is doing amazing work and have helped us immensely in our mission to put on more workshops as we search for a future physical synth library location.

I’ll be giving a little talk on probability distributions in music, and exploring Marbles in the process. It should be a fun time and I hope to see some of ya’ll there!