Pedalboard: Chainable FX for norns

FWIW - i don’t really understand what the parameter for \ on a variable should be. Is that like the controlspec amount? Or a default value?

It’s a default value :smile: documentation here:

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@21echoes Just want to say thank you for this wonderful app you’ve developed! Spent the afternoon jamming with Teletype + JF + Pedalboard and really enjoyed ther results. JF + a bit of tape echo, lofi, and pitch shifting = instant blissed out warm-organ.


Extremely covetous of just friends, can’t wait for one to pop up used!


Supposedly it’s coming back this summer, in case you weren’t aware of that.


Big thanks to @okyeron for working with me to get the Mutable Instruments-derived UGens in a place where they can be used in Pedalboard! We’re wrapping up some last little things, but it should be ready soon :smiley: Here’s some teaser tracks (or honestly more or less one track, two takes):

Both tracks are a nord piano -> rings -> lo-fi -> clouds (yes, rings into clouds is coming to a norns near you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Any plans to hook in delay BPM with the global Norns clock as an option? Would be tremendous!

To expand on this for specifically the use case I’d love this for:
Norns as the master, sending clock out to crow with audio back into Pedalboard’s synced delay.

For me, it’s not so much about Pedalboard responding to an external clock as it is Pedalboard running as the master clock!


Playing both takes together sounds amazing! Also cant wait to try these out when they are ready.


Playing both at the same time is a very nice experience.


Alright, v1.4.0 (3390d64) is here! Should be available in Maiden’s project manager when your norns is on WiFi, or if you want a direct download: ZIP File

This release brings two pedals based on the Mutable Instruments modules Rings and Clouds to Pedalboard (once you follow these instructions:! Huge thanks again to @okyeron and @geplanteobsoleszenz for their work on porting the these over to the norns and SuperCollider ecosystem.

Release Notes:

  • New Pedal: Granular, based on Mutable Instruments Clouds
    • Just about all of Clouds’s functionality is here: position, size, density, and texture controls. Freeze mode. Stereo spread and feedback controls. Recursive pitch shifting. Buffer quality settings
    • We even have the “hidden” modes: “pure” pitch-shifting, looping, and spectral processing
    • We did take out Clouds’s reverb – if you want reverb, just use the normal Reverb pedal :smiley:
  • New Pedal: Resonator, based on Mutable Instruments Rings
    • All the standard Rings functionality is here: all six modes (modal, sympathetic strings, single string, FM, western chords, karplusverb), up-to-4-voice polyphony, resonant structure control, brightness, damping, and position controls
    • It defaults to a “pitch follower” mode with customizable interval offset, as there’s no V/Oct input. You can also switch to a “free” mode, where you directly dial in the pitch of the resonator (or set it up via param mapping to follow MIDI input!)
    • We also have the Rings easter egg “Disastrous Peace”. It’s a organ/string-machine synth, loosely based on the Roland RS-09. It’s a little strange to have in an effects chain, but… why not?
  • Slapback mode for the delay pedal: exactly one copy of the delayed signal is heard, with no feedback tail
  • “Alerts”
    • Granular and Resonator require some prior setup work outside of the script to make them usable. Specifically, you have to follow the instructions here: The app still works if you don’t, but when you try to choose those pedals we show an alert explaining what you gotta do first. I personally recommend the “Installer script” approach (just put it in ~/dust/code and run it like any other script), as opposed to manually downloading the .tar and scp-ing it onto your norns
    • Some of the pedals (Reverb and Resonator in particular) are rather CPU-intensive. If you choose enough CPU-intensive pedals at the same time, we now show a brief warning that you may hear dropped samples (and show you each pedal’s CPU cost so you can maybe make some different decisions)
  • Small bug fixes:
    • Don’t destroy & recreate pedals when moving them around the board (i.e., fix the clearing of the delay buffer when moving the delay pedal)
    • Better handling of user input before the app is done launching

The UGens powering Granular and Resonator are still under development, so definitely let me/@okyeron know if you have any issues, preferably over in the the thread dedicated to their development

Some more sound samples!
Plain ol electric guitar -> Resonator in modal & static pitch mode -> Reverb:

Plain ol electric guitar -> Resonator in string & pitch-follower mode -> Wavefolder -> Granular:


You’re a machine! I really need to get my act together and try this program out. Cheers


Dang, that Wavefolder tho!


@21echoes i only just realized telling you how amazing lo-fi sounds completely fell by the wayside, so here we go—

it sounds pretty freaking amazing


Aww thanks! Especially for asking me to pull it into its own effect – I have it in the chain almost all the time these days :v:

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Can I update if I don’t install new ugens?

Yup! The update works just fine without the UGens, you just can’t select the two MI-derived pedals (selecting them just shows instructions for how to install the UGens). I’ll update the release announcement to make this more clear :+1:

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dang! nice! saw the MI stuff on @okyeron ‘s insta but didn’t this was the route or that it was that close. just installed pedalboard last night for the first time and was already stoked, having Clouds is epic!! many many thanks!

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little doodle with LoudestWarning/Serge/IanFritz 4U panels and pedalboard…


Awesome! Fyi re: the comment about the click – that may have been the Noise setting on the Lo-Fi pedal? :zipper_mouth_face: I see you had it at a very low but non-zero setting. You probably took the patch down by now, but worth checking out

I think it has something to do with my stoopid iPhone. I’m recording the audio with one of those Roland:Go mixers with headphones out of my mixer, and a lightning cable into the iphone. I’ve tried doing the same with my iPad and theres no clicking, so go figure…

Thanks for the hard work on the script. Super helpful.

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