Pedalboard: Chainable FX for norns

Wow, great job! Had so much fun with this already as I don’t have any pedals right now (and probably would not buy any for now). This makes me want to build norns shield just for that:)
As a suggestion/request something in chase bliss blooper/mood style thingy will be a great addition some samplish/loopish stuff as there is no way to run multiple scripts.


a combo script of pedalboard + another softcut script is certainly possible !


First of all, Thank you very much for this wonderful script. I’ve learned a lot gazing at your code.

I have a question. Is it normal that I’m getting reverb on MI Clouds pedal? if so, how can deactivate it?


Apologies – I pushed up the wrong version! The Granular reverb setting wasn’t actually turned off :sweat_smile:

EDIT: hey, why not just add Granular’s Reverb control? Turns out it didn’t have the huge CPU hit I thought it had. Defaults to off, but now you can turn it up if you want. v1.4.2 (9fe3121) is up now on Maiden, or here as a ZIP file


First off, thank you so much for making this happen!
Clouds is working great, but I can get any sound from Rings. Is it only an effect? I just want to be able to trigger it with my midi keyboard. I must be missing something here. Again, thanks so much.

Yes, Pedalboard is only an effects chain; there’s no way to trigger Resonator’s internal exciter at this time. It should be do-able at some point, but as it didn’t really make sense in an effect chain it was left out for now.

If you look in the Mi-engines thread, the rings engine there can be played via midi, it is a test script and still under development but works beautifully.


Yes but I want to run it into clouds. I guess I will ha e to buy a second Norns!


wow the clouds engine sounds unbelievable. best emulation i’ve used yet. thanks

I’m really happy to see Clouds and Rings ported over here. I projects like like this show how wonderful open source can be (unlike some shrinked down stuff… cough cough). So first of all, huge thanks to you and to @okyeron for making this possible!

The first question that comes to mind is: are you planning to also add some form of modulation to Clouds? Clouds was never really intended to be used in a “static” way, i.e. without modulation. When people ask about how they can use Clouds “standalone” we usually point them to Red Panda pedals. :slight_smile:
Not that one cannot do that, great music has been made by using instruments in ways which the creators hadn’t imagined or planned. Still, I feel that it could make it even more interesting here, if one could quickly dial in a bit of random modulation on pitch and position, and perhaps even on other parameters.
It’s a UI challenge though. Since only few parameters can be shown at the same time on the UI it might result in lots of pages. But still, it’s a thought I wanted to throw out there!
If you need any help on the UI side of things let me know btw!


@papernoise, you just gave me a “norns idea”. A global LFO parameter page that can be mapped to the currently open script! would be perfect for the clouds Ugen in pedalboard.


LFOs and Envelope Followers are planned for a future version, yes :smile: Would love to hear any UI thoughts you had – the goal was to add LFOs and Envelope Followers to all pedals in a flexible but not-too-complicated way


That sounds like a fun idea.
You mean like the new global clock functionality?

Envelope follower is definitely a good idea!
I totally have to re-read this thread first. Otherwise I’ll just go around asking questions that have long been answered already.

I’ll sit down and think about it!. I have a bunch of really busy days until Thuesday, then hopefully I’ll be able to get back to a more normal pace and switch on Norns again!


Yup! Exactly that! I know @Justmat has implemented lfos very well in his scripts specifically.


I’ve been using the Pedalboard a lot recently, I really enjoy it and the quality is superb (especially the Mi-engines)! Thanks a lot, 21echoes, for making this small box really friendly on my guitar-based thinking mind.

If I can send in two request to add pedals (I don’t know whether they are manageable though):

  • Something like the Retroactive Pedals Dot Chase/Mid-Fi Electronics Clari(not): it’s an envelope controlled vibrato/chorus/wow and flutter simulator with a one repeat delay. Would be great to have something like a tape warble that reacts to the input level.
  • Drolo FX has an interesting pedal called the Stamme[n]: it’s basically a delay type pedal with weird modes (stuttering, glitching, pitch, swell, random tempo, etc.). This one will probably be a challenge. :sweat_smile:
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The Vibrato pedal should already do this! The “Expression” setting controls how much the envelope follower controls the vibrato amount. For the “one repeat delay” bit, just tack on a delay pedal after it in “Slapback” mode :+1:

Yeah! I have a stutter pedal in the backlog :smile: I think I’m going to work on multi-tap and varispeed delays first, but hopefully I’ll get to stutter some time soon!

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I haven’t messed with the vibrato yet, as it’s normally not an effect I really use, but I’ll definitely try that! Thanks for the info😊
Really looking forward to that stutter pedal!

I know it’s not exactly a stutter, but the ability to map an envelope follower to clouds density control (either positive or negative from 50%) with a very short delay (position) will give an interesting similar effect!

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Version 1.5.0 (f3a934c) now available! Should be available in Maiden’s project manager when your norns is on WiFi, or if you want a direct download: ZIP File

This release does nothing for everyone who was already on v1.4.2 and has manually installed dependencies for the Mutable Instruments-based effects (Resonator and Granular). What it does do is: for all newcomers (or those of you who haven’t installed the dependencies yet), Pedalboard can now install the dependencies for those two pedals for you!

When you try to use those two pedals for the first time, a little installer workflow starts up explaining everything, and you can basically just make sure you’re on WiFi then hit K3 until everything works (as the last step, hitting K3 turns off your norns, and on boot everything will work. I believe this is necessary because of how norns’ SuperCollider environment is set up). From there on out, those pedals just work like any other pedal :smile:

So yeah, big first-timer ease-of-use update, but a bit boring for everyone else… hopefully more changes coming soon! Still working on and off on varispeed and multi-tap delays, a few smaller fix-ups, some “how to use Pedalboard’s effects in your own scripts” write-ups, then hopefully LFOs and envelope followers :v:


Will this install the non pedal MI-Engines? (I.e. elements?)