Percussa Super Signal Processor & mSSP


yeah, I can understand that as an initial impression…

however, I think for these kind of devices ‘UI’ is really important, so whilst the patching would not be unique to the SSP, the SSP larger display is still a real advantage for ‘performance use’ , as you don’t have to cram the information onto the smaller display.

I think this is where there is both a ‘danger’ and opportunity for Percussa in serving its SSP customers.

the danger is being tempted to resort to the lowest common denominator, by creating patches/software that works on both the SSP and mSSP, but not taking full advantage of the SSP.

however, this is also the opportunity - Percussa could really, push forward using the bigger SSPs display (and IO) - to demonstrate why the ‘upgrade’ is worth it, less ‘screen flipping’, scopes - use the screen real estate wisely.

generally, I think they are taking the right approach, these days its not viable to artificially limit one device, to ‘prop up’ another, rather you have to make the case for the premium model on its own merits.

I do think , if you have the budget (and HP), I think the SSP form factor will be much more comfortable, this is almost always true of multifunctional devices.

also lets not to forget, if Percussa can bring in more users, increase the size of the community then im sure that’s going to be beneficial for all customers.

all that said, they are quite a way off their goal, so that’s quite a big IF…


the big SSP has 16 inputs and 8 outputs, and the mSSP has 8 inputs and 4 outputs.

All inputs and outputs are DC coupled, -5V to +5V range, and use the same high quality audio converters supporting up to 192kHz sample rate and 32 bits of resolution. The inputs and outputs support any type of signal (audio, CV, triggers, gates, etc).

the SSP has 40 times the processing power of a cortex-M based eurorack module (a common type of CPU used for DSP). Besides that you have a lot of I/O. So it’s normal that it needs more power.

You can power the SSP off a $20 meanwell RT50B power supply if you need more power in your rack. It’s a really small supply that works well. I can recommend the LIBB bus board if you want a bus board to go with the meanwell.

there were only 3 early birds because doing this module for $549 in a kickstarter is extremely competitive and incredible value for money and we cannot afford to sell it for less. The module will be $799 after the kickstarter and we can only do this if the kickstarter gets funded. We have to buy large part quantities to do this.

the amount of work and engineering is substantial and we can’t do this module unless the project gets funded. By spreading the word we can get more backers on board :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this is clear but you get 50 patches with the mSSP. A lot of eurorack modules have maybe 5-10 modes (=patches) if they support multiple modes and are DSP modules. So you get a lot. But anyway, today we announced a Mac and Windows editor so you have full editing possibilities.

The mSSP will use the same processor as the SSP.

We’ve now announced a Mac/Windows editor so you can create and edit all the patches you want. That said, the mSSP will ship with a collection of 50 (!) patches, which I think is really generous.

there are still a lot of differences between both devices, including the I/O and screen, see the comparison table. The editor will work with the big SSP as well and on the big SSP you have full editing possibilities right on the device itself.

So with the mSSP campaign we were never going to “artificially” limit anything. The mSSP feature set was chosen carefully so we could realistically do the project. Developing software takes a lot of time and costs money, so we couldn’t simply rework the entire SSP software and make it run on the mSSP. We had to choose what we could do, we’re not some big company but a really small operation of just a few people. And besides software development the mSSP requires hardware engineering as well since the carrier boards and CPU board will be different from the SSP.

The mSSP was suggested / requested by the community. We’re working on more patches and demos and will be posting those while the campaign is ongoing.


just crossed the 25K, thanks to all backers :slight_smile:

for those who haven’t seen the editor mockup yet -

The past days we worked on more patches and videos for the Percussa mSSP kickstarter. Here is the first one in the series we’ll be posting: a subtractive synthesis patch featuring 32 modules running in parallel on the mSSP: each voice consists of 2 oscillators + SVF + 2 ENVs + MIDI. There is also an fx chain built into the patch and we apply external SVF cutoff and FM modulation in this video as well (using make noise function and intellijel dixie II modules).

read the full update at


a nice granular demo for the mSSP

more details in the KS update