Percussion modules for monome sequencing

with the meadowphysics functionality that will be included in ansible, what modules would y’all recommend to use with it as drum sources? there’s a possibility of getting a white whale on down the line for further sequencing, but for now i’d like to explore generative, unique percussion creation via meadowphysics/ansible. soundwise, i really like the tones and timbres used in the various demos by @tehn so far. chiptune-ish, off-the-beaten-path/idm-ish sounds.

i’d prefer flexible, multitimbral modules that don’t take up much HP or depth, as they’ll be going into an isms case. for modules that can only put out one sound at a time, what would i need to flip between timbres? since meadowphysics only outputs trigs and not CV for parameter changes. this also would help me figure out what’s needed to sequencing melodies, which will likely be combined with MI rings.

i have earthsea and an STO as my osc, so right now i just manually play melodies, but i want to explore other means of creating tones and scales, as well as add percussion abilities to my isms to make it truly a self-contained instrument. thanks for your ideas.


I’d look at Radio Music (loaded with single hit samples) Basimilus Iteritas Alter, Erica Pico Drums. Just be careful with the depth of the isms case. A Radio Music needs the Teensy mounted directly to the pcb to fit. An Iteritas will fit, not sure about the pico drum.

The module i’ve used with Meadowphysics that utilizes all its outputs is Folktek Matter but it is a lot of hp for an isms case. (it fits in an isms case)

I use Earthsea more than Meadowphysics for drums. Rings bongos are great with Meadowphysics.

Also you may want to consider patching your own drum sounds with existing modules - Noise / Self Oscillating filters / osc / pinging low pass gates etc. It takes longer, but can be more educating, rewarding and fun.

More on my vimeo here :

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Any VCO with an exponential FM input hit by an envelope can do Bass drums/toms, mix noise with that for snares.

All drum modules are essentially these components combined. I honestly think drum modules are a bit meh as generally they are 1 trick ponies. There are exceptions of course, Basimilus Iteritas being one.

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great answers above

within a system filters are my favourite tools and if you are about to buy isms…3sisters allows you to tweak and fm and self patch each band to create a wonderful range of sounds

i’d give other suggestions but it pairs so well with JF and TT that you really won’t NEED anything else right away

if we’re talking bells gongs kicks etc rings should have you covered (can somebody who has one speak on this?)

20 hp left for snare + hihat i guess

oh cool
had not seen the matter in action

i was gonna say “drum” means different things to different people

good example of what you lean toward

i’d wait for a few weeks until something amazing and cheap comes out !

For that Matter type click/glitch sound look at wavetable oscillators - Piston Honda / Braids (Meta Mode) / Tides (Sheep firmware) also E350.

probably not really what you want, but i use a delptronics ldb-1e that i got used for 80 usd.
only 4hp, some really useful sounds (i love the bass drum), and multi-timbral.
just 1 output, so a bit restricted that way, but in terms of usefulness to price ration it’s pretty good.

I don’t own one of these (although that may very well change one day soon), so I can’t say much about it, but perhaps worth checking out?

How about the Expert Sleepers Disting Mk3. It’s got a resonator mode which can be used for drum synthesis? Or via sample mode?

i have tides, running parasites. i’ll take a look at sheep; maybe it has some interesting waveforms.[quote=“GoneCaving, post:13, topic:4449, full:true”]
How about the Expert Sleepers Disting Mk3. It’s got a resonator mode which can be used for drum synthesis? Or via sample mode?[/quote]
as i mentioned earlier, i’m not looking for sample players. also, none of the distings will fit in isms; they’re too deep.

whoa! some interesting tones for sure. might be a bit too harsh/bitcrushed overall, as many of the sounds seem to have the same timbral qualities, but this is definitely intriguing. i heard several things i liked from that demo.