Perform at SQUARE WAVE - 4 dates in 2023 - Modular improv in Deventer (NL)

Square Wave is a quarterly live improvisation music event for modular synthesists. Wether you are a seasoned live performer or a newbie ready for a first gig, every modular synthesist is welcome to perform at Square Wave. We started in 2019 and hosted fourteen editions so far. We are resident at Club De Hip, a lovely bar with a great view on the old city center of Deventer (The Netherlands). The dates for 2023 are:

  • March 5th
  • June 18th
  • September 17th
  • November 12th

All info at

Since you’re here…a little more info below. :slight_smile:

Square Wave is inspired by structured improvisation in jazz and contemporary classical music. We conceived an approach where modular synthesizers are the primary instrument. At Square Wave a group of six to eight participants perform in random duo’s. Each edition we do three rounds of four duo performances. So as participant you’ll do three to four improvisation performances with random partners. Random? Yes! A lottery draw will decide on the duos for each round. Fate also determines what the tempo of each performance will be, within the range of 60-160 BPM. Finally, each performance can be 10 minutes long at maximum.

This approach makes Square Wave exciting for both the performers and the audience. Besides exciting performances, Square Wave is about meeting and connecting with fellow synth enthusiasts. A more comprehensive document with practical info for potential participants is available at the website under the PERFORM AT SQUARE WAVE-button.

Please DM me if you need any further info.

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I worked for years in Deventer and now I’m into synths I don’t come there anymore :pleading_face: I hope to visit one of the dates!

You’re most welcome! Both as a visitor and as a participant. In the latter case please contact me.

Hope to see you around at De Hip!

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