Performances at Edition Festival 2019 // 2.6.2019 and 2.8.2019 (Stockholm, Sweden)

Any lines folks in Stockholm? I’ll be there next week for two performances. One at Fylkingen on Wednesday and then on Friday at Eric Ericsonhallen. Details below. It’d be lovely to see lines folks there. I’ll be performing on bass and electronics for both performances.

Tri-Centric Project Ensemble: Small Groups

Tri-Centric Project Ensemble Large Ensemble + Anthony Braxton Octet


Yes, have ticket for Braxton ensamble but were not aware of Tri Centric @ Fylkingen. I will try to make it. Thanks

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The Tri-Centric Project Ensemble Large Ensemble @ Eric Ericssonhallen just finished. I’m stunned. It was marvelous! Thank you very very very much.

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