Performer-Composer Residency at Westben Centre for Connection & Creativity, Ontario, Canada

I’m not connected or particularly familiar with this, but I just heard about it and thought some of y’all would be interested! deadline to apply was extended until March 15. Sarah Belle Reid (website / instagram), who is an awesome trumpet/electronics performer-compose, is co-facilitator which is more reason to expect it to be welcoming/inspiring/amazing!

July 7-14, 2019


Westben’s Performer-Composer Residency is an international gathering of creative risk-takers whose practice involves some combination of both composition and performance. It is an intensive 6-day collaborative workshop culminating in a final performance - deeply woven into the beautiful rolling hills of Canada’s Northumberland County.

This is not a typical summer music program; it is not based on a division between teachers and students or tuition and competition. Designed for leading professional and dedicated emerging musicians from Canada and beyond, the Westben Performer-Composer Residency encourages a multi-generational exchange within a plurality of approaches to music making while sharing a commitment to building communities through music. The Westben Centre for Connection & Creativity offers a performance nexus and supportive community to create a friendly and stimulating meeting place for Performer-Composers. It’s a welcoming destination to encourage a wide conception of original music making to broaden the musical experience with others.