Peripheral idea for sound computers

I have an idea for something I feel might be useful for patching together ideas for max/pd patches or even super collider. Please help me develop or dismiss the idea as I’m not convinced it’s good. Here it is:

A panel of say 8x16 patch cable jacks. Each jack has room for user labels and an LED which is decoupled and controlled from the host. The only thing this panel sends to the host is continuity information. So as the user makes patches via normal 3.5mm patch cables the host machine gets osc messages so it knows which jacks are patched together.

Users can collect and write patches as they already do but use physical inlets and outlets to play with the digital objects.

As far as the circuit guess each jack would have to send out a pulse in turn many times a second, and detect pulses from the other jacks to know the connections. Maybe some sort of mux design could work?


illucia pretty much does what you describe, uses OSC and includes Max integration:

and it’s open source!


Thanks! That is what I’m describing! I hadn’t heard of this else I wouldn’t have made the post.

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This is also how the Korg MS20 controller that originally came with the Legacy Collection VST software worked - it looked like an analog MS20 but was just a controller for the MS20 VST, the patches you make on the controller would be reflected in the software.