Perlin noise for Norns

Even if I’ve been randomly orbiting near this forum for years, here I am posting for the first time, after a few weeks from when I brought home my Norns DIY shield.

More often than not, when I need to become friend with a new language/platform/environment, I find myself implementing Perlin noise for it and Norns was no exception; while this kind of noise is more popular in a visual context, it can be easily used slowly move synth parameters in an organic, never repeating way, similar to modules like Nonlinearcircuits’ Sloth, or MTM’s Turing machine.
The code is very much a WIP (read: it probably has bugs), but - in case anybody wants to play with it -, here it is:

Also, here’s some noise visualized on the Norns’ screen:


Love it – was just reading up on perlin noise in the context of p5.js/processing last week, and my first thought was how it might be ported to norns. Thanks for sharing this, and – I guess, officially – welcome!

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It’s been a while since the last time I looked into the P5 codebase, but I think this is the same approach they use; I know for sure it’s the same you fine in OpenFrameworks, which is basically my swiss army knife for anything generative :slight_smile:

This is great!!

I’ve been meaning to do something with Perlin Noise since my days hacking GLSL shaders in Quartz Composer.

Looking forward to giving this a go!