Permutation - Epicycles (2022, 12" + digital)

Hi all! :wave: It is my first post on Lines, even though I have been a frequent visitor for the past few years as it has become of my favorite places that is always encouraging to read.

I want to share a new EP “Epicycles” by Permutation, that came out recently. We are a music duo and studio project from Barcelona working somewhere on the intersection of influences from electro and techno to 90s IDM and ambient electronica.

See the test pressing video for a quick preview. Stylewise, I guess it is a blend of dreamy and contemplative melodic electro/IDM. It can be a good match for those who are into syncopated rhythms, atmospheric pads, early Warp’s “Artificial Intelligence” (a la B12) or deep Detroit vibes (or let me know what it sounds like :slightly_smiling_face:).