Phase Distotter

Phase Distotter

Phase-distortion synth with up to 16 voices. Two stages of distortion + harmonic shift. Comments and improvements are super welcome as I’m just getting into gen~ and DSP in general.

Demos on Soundcloud


  • Up to 16 voices
  • Harmonic shift + distortion
  • Mono to M/S stereo knob
  • Optional aliased noise as modulator
  • Moog-style ladder filter (by Surreal Machines)
  • Multimode LP/HP/BP filters (by Surreal Machines)
  • Filter envelope (ooo)
  • Wiggly scope


Live 10.1 / Max 8


Plug it in and go!


v1.0.0 -


Sorry, I’m not quite sure how to tag this, couldn’t find a button or a field for that! Where would one put it?

I like this ! a quick run with it, some post-processing

one recommendation:

the download links on your site don’t work for me (I’m using chrome) - seems like they just link to the file on your server so I have to right click > “save link as…” in order to get a download

might take a look under the hood sometime, as PD has always been something I’ve been interested in looking into

Wow cool! Thanks for the clip :slight_smile:

Thanks, will fix that.

Feel free to! The main thing is basically this bit by William Light that I translated into gen~. I added the mode parameter for further twang.

pd(phase, d, mode) { 
  if (phase < (mode==1?d:(1-d))) {
    phase /= d;
  else {
    phase = 1.0 + ((phase - d) / (1.0 - d));

  return 0.5 * phase;

Then you put it through cos(tau * pd(oscPhase, distAmt, mode));

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