Phase Position. Sample Slicing

This is my latest patch. When the random object jumps to a different phase position pops occur. Im not sure how to avoid pops? Is there a way to make the volume dip very quick for the duration of the pop perhaps ?
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An old thread on the topic:

Searching for “loop slice microfade” should get you towards a solution

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Sample-Slicing_Example_1.pd (1.3 KB)

This is how I have done it successfully.

Send your phase position to a trigger object, which first sends a bang to bring the signal down to zero, then send the position to the phasor~ to adjust the position (this is slightly delayed to make sure the volume is down), then send a bang to bring the signal back up (which is delayed slightly more than the phase position adjustment).

By the way I made this example in pd-l2ork…I hope you have all the objects I used. Nothing too spectacular but I’m just not positive.


Cool! Thanks a lot for sharing, I’m also trying to use Pd for sampling and sample slicing (though the project is currently a bit on standby), so this is very interesting to see and analyse!

great solution thank you very much for sharing

having to use values within rows of 15 toggles,

I need to send phasor a new phase position.

playPosition is telling me where we are in the

to control the playback start and end I’ve attempted
to scale the values
to the size of 15 squares.
i not sure this is correct however. I think it might only
be when the sample loop is 0 - 15 relative to 0 - 1?
this changes go course when the playback start and end
are adjusted.

how do we jump to another part of the phase
on demand?MonomeLive4.1A.pd (11.0 KB)

I was hoping toggling the playback position grid row
might have something to offer?

I have a sample displayed over 16 ( 0 - 15 ) LEDs. Im also using the LEDS as toggle buttons to splice to different parts of the sample.

The different of the left limit and the right limit is calculated. I then multiply the result by 15 and that result is then used to calculate what to divid 1 ( the length of the sample by…i think)…the idea is that the led toggles interface I’m using lines up with where I need to splice.

What happens when i move just the right limit seems to work well. the led jumps to where the button is toggled. But when i begin to move the left limit I can’t line up the Led display with where I want to toggle and splice.

What am I missing here?

Many thanks

so: I’m not really a visual programmer and find PD patches, especially arithmetical ones, hard to read. But: when you say “can’t line up the LED display with where I want to toggle and splice” - do you mean, like, “at all”, or “it’s a little bit wrong”?

(My gut says “something to do with rounding”, fwiw. Might be totally wrong).

Its a quite a bit wrong, i thought I’d post a video of what i meant that might work as a better description ?
I move the end of the loop first, and the toggles line up within the loop.
i move the end back and the start position and the toggles won’t line up, and then of course both together wont line up because of the start position i guess?..

MonomeLive4.1.pd (11.9 KB)

perhaps the patch is more helpful

the difference between the end and start point calculates
the sample length. the sample length is multiplied by 15 to scale the
display of the progression of the sample to a row of 15 buttons.

the length of the sample * 15, the result of which 1 is divided by. This calculates the multiplication factor for an even distribution of button interaction of the sample.

this seems to work okay with the end moving but moving the start….

0 for example if it travels from the grid through spigot still goes to the beginning of the phasor.

but if the start is moved to 0.283 and this lights up the 3rd toggle for example, pressing the third toggle won’t correlate with that?

MonomeLive4.1.pd (17.0 KB)
the latest version of the page here…same problems as previous post

the new start position can give an indication to the 1 of 16 toggle as to where its starting from…that particular toggle displayed needs to start from where the new start position is.
what happens when that particular toggle displayed is hit doesn’t match its triggers further into the phase i believe

multiplying the first value to read from r x by the playback start, lines up the first toggle button correctly…

actually this isnt helpful…

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