Phone suggestions


I’d be even more interested in email client discussion. I feel stuck with Google partly because I really don’t like any other email client that I’ve tried. :slight_smile:


as the creator of this thread, I’m fine with (and thankful for) the inclusion of alt online services since it all speaks to a similar search! that said, ok with me if the mods want to split it.


On the phone tip, I got a used Pixel 2 XL shortly after the Pixel 3 came out, and it’s a phenomenal phone. (I’m gonna likely skip the Notch Era.) It’s super speedy and really solid. I think my ebook reading has jumped 20%, because the screen size is great. The battery is excellent, too, so I’ve finally stopped also carrying around an old iPod and just listen using the phone. I do hate having to use Bluetooth headphones, but I think that ship may have sailed. This is my favorite phone since the G1. It’s the first phone I’ve had since the G1 when I didn’t feel like I was kinda just waiting for the next phone to come out.


just wanted to thank the mentioning of very cheap battery replacement for iphone 6/6s before the end of year. i went ahead with that today and hopefully that breathes a bit of new life into aging phone.


I use Mailspring on my desktop and an ever-rotating cast of not-that-great-but-fine options on phones.

I do recommend Mailspring if you’re one of those freaks that doesn’t solely use webmail on a not-phone computer.

Edit: Mailspring manages multiple accounts really well - you can easily switch between a unified or split out view of inbox, drafts, sent - and it’s got a strangely satisfying data-driven signature tool (you fill in the details you want to see in your signature and can then browse and edit layouts for those details).

I said up-topic I’m using Fastmail as my mail account provider, but I still have two Google accounts I look at and one Yahoo one.


I started with thunderbird initially but ended up just using the fastmail web client which I like very much. I’d been using the gmail web client most often (I still use it) before that and I think the fastmail client is nicer. Haven’t tried any mobile options!

I keep forgetting to send new email from fastmail, my brain is still hard-wired to go to to write an email…