Phonicbloom T-APE

Now that this lovely device is out and available, I thought I should give it its own thread. A new demo has popped up on YouTube and I was going to post this in a previous thread I’ve posted about T-APE in but its a pre release hype thread, but T-APE is out now, so here I am :slight_smile:

This is a great demo. Much more informative than my own demo video, which is more just a straight up jam.

And the same channel put out another demo today, pairing the T-APE with one of Phonicbloom’s other amazing creations, the Gecho Loopsynth.

And heres my own first effort, already posted in other threads so I hope this is OK -

EDIT: This is the first thread I’ve made here so I hope this is acceptable :slight_smile:


Another user demo. He found the hidden sample layer/patch. Literal animal sounds :slight_smile:

T-APE really is awesome. Its already inspired an effect script for Reaper DAW too! I been spreading the word :slight_smile: - ByteBeater, a ByteBeat generator. - Cockos Incorporated Forums

@Helen Have you found the animal noises yet? :slight_smile:


oh wow, this looks super interesting…

(taken from the t-ape manual)

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Haha! I didn’t know there were any! I need to go deeper…!

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Any T-APE joy to report? :slight_smile:

I haven’t spent anything like enough time with it, I’m afraid :grimacing:
“Life is what happens to you while you’re making other plans”, as the saying goes!

How about you? Any progress?

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Barely used it :slight_smile: But having got Enner this week, wondering if they’ll pair up well, T-APE is back on my mind!

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