Phonogene recording time

Hey friends,

I’m not sure I’m doing it right with my Phonogene… What’s the max recording length I can expect, and how do I achieve it? I have only been able to record a second or two, and maybe that’s all I can expect, but I’d like to be sure.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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It depends on the setting of the varispeed playback nob. You can get times of several seconds or so depending on the setting. Be sure your firmware is updated and check out the manual for more info

i tend to set the varispeed to somewhere around 10 o’clock before recording. that will give you a longer recording time, but at the cost of sound quality. i like that crunch though!

The manual is a bit cryptic on this point, I thought the longest / lowest quality recording was at noon. Now this post and the manual makes me believe that’s not true, and you can go longer / lower quality if you go CCW from noon?

“Mid-Fi” Record: this setting may be achieved, by setting Vari-Speed at around 50%, so that both Vari-Speed and Splice Indicator
LEDs (6 & 7) are OFF. This records with good quality and a 2 second record length, which is great length for venturing into a
Microsound opus

I believe if you go to fastest vari-speed setting you get best quality with shortest record times. Full counter would be dirtiest recording with longest time. But I haven’t played with it in a while and I forget, but if I remember correctly, that’s how it works.


Agreed, that’s my new read…but will need to test it. I thought noon was the dirtiest…hurray for learning (possibly) new things!

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Awesome, thanks for this! Further explorations called for then.

so did i - but it certainly is not.

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Yeah, I wasn’t certain about that, but I do recall recording some ~6sec of audio with it. Good to know it gets dirtier!