Digitally modeled analog filter for norns.

Built around the DFM1 supercollider ugen, and some softclipping. there are lfo’s in the parameters menu.

nb: includes an engine, so you’ll need to restart your norns after installation.


norns (current version)


key1 = alt
enc1 = filter type
enc2 = freq
enc3 = resonance
alt + enc2 = input gain
alt + enc3 = noise



update v1.1

  • adds parameter recalls
    • alt + key2/3: sets hold values
    • key2/3: recall held values

ok that lp to hp flip was rad

very playable
seems like it’s right up my alley

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I have an idea for a performance feature. posting here so that i don’t forget/ to see if other peeps are into it obvs…

Key2 and Key3 act like the m1 and m2 keys on the op-1.
Specifically it would give you two parameter recalls. Something like…

  • press alt + key2/key3 to hold parameter values.
  • make changes.
  • press key2/key3 to restore the held values.

That’s pretty neat! I like the recall idea a lot.

I believe it would also be useful/musical if it could optionally gradually slide back to the recalled level rather than snapping right to it. The slide speed/slew and maybe even its curve should be adjustable?


That’s a great idea!

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20 characters of thanks!

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update v1.1

  • adds parameter recalls
    • alt + key2/3: sets hold values
    • key2/3: recall held values


Simple and lovely!

Any chance you could add the sample and hold lfo you just added to otis? :grin:


It is done! :smiley: update for sample + hold


Yesssssss. My secret weapon to add rhythm to my tracks! :sweat_smile:

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@Justmat I could see a double script of this + Sam being incredibly useful for resampling :sunglasses:


That would be super easy to do. Also easy would be exposing Softcuts filters in Sam. Any preference?


I feel like the soft clipping aspect of Phyllis could bring a little more “vibe” to resampling but I don’t know if I’ve compared them enough to have a strong personal preference.

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20 characters of, I feel that. :sweat_smile:

@kbit, it just dawned on me. You can do this already! Load up phyllis, and use tape to record your sample. Then load the sample into sam for cutting. :smiley:


For sure! I thought it might be useful to combine so one could cut out making an extra sample on the internal storage, and how the filter could help with “producing” right on Norns a bit tighter; like a Roland sampler-esque work flow.

Not to be a snowflake, but @justmat could I ask you to change the name of this script? That particular name has annoyingly bad memories for me, which I’d prefer not to see in my norniverse.

How about ladder, though I’m not sure if the underlying ugen is actually modelling a Moog-ish ladder filter?

Sorry to be a pain, but, you know, people n words n stuff. Maybe we need some simple guidelines for script names?

Really? Jeez, what if it’s his grandma’s name? :confused:

edit: Also, you can always rename it locally.


Yeah, I know, I know. If it’s important to @justmat that’s fine of course. Was just a friendly request.

… but I’m guessing it’ll keep popping up in the Norns library.

Poor little me :frowning:

The name isn’t important to me. I chose phyllis because it fulfills a silly naming convention I’ve been enjoying. “sam the sampler”, “phyllis the filter”, “vinny the verb” etc… I’m sure there are a million names that I could use.

That said, how can I be sure that someone doesn’t have a history with… say, Otis? (otis was the name of a beloved childhood pet, but it was also my grandfathers name. he was an abusive alcoholic.) Should I refrain from using names altogether? Or can there be more than one otis?


If you’d like @ether, it’s quite easy to change the name of the script. In a terminal

ssh we@norns.local
cd code
mv phyllis ladder
cd ladder
mv phyllis.lua ladder.lua
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