(I think it’s cd code. Not at home right now so can’t check, it might be cd dust/code)

Now I kind of feel silly making the request - hadn’t had enough coffee when I made it.

At least we’re chatting about it.

Anyway, there’s no perfect answer here I think. I nearly suggested Philter, but maybe someone has a problem with a Phil :man_shrugging:

All cool @Justmat for you to ignore the request. I can rename locally, hide threads, whatever.


I really enjoy that app.
I came up with an idea, but Im not into norns scripting (yet).
LP + HP mode - DJ style like filter. (like WMD Overseer)
One knob to rule them all: D
It would make it great end of chain effect (esp with norns compressor)


Great app:)
it would be nice to be able to have the filter crossover setting with the LFO active. it seems that the DEPTH parameter or the OFFSET parameter does not allow to set the desired frequency.

to be clear: when the LFO is activated the frequency control is disabled so if I want to use LFO on a more closed filter setting it seems that it cannot :frowning:


Let me look into it. :slight_smile: (i may want to swap over to SC for LFO’s in this one)


Another common problem with FATES (latest firmware) is that the filter simply doesn’t seem to work Or it works randomly. :roll_eyes:
Even if you close the LP to the maximum, the signal passes entirely.
Here is a video where you can see clearly:

I haven’t checked out the video yet, apparently i don’t have access to it, but can you check your monitor settings on the Levels screen? Turn that down/off if you don’t want your dry input coming through.

edit: something is definitely going on. hope to have a fix soon.

Thanks for the support. can you view now?

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Yep! Thanks for the video, this is what I am experiencing here as well. I’ll hopefully have a fix shortly.

edit: this is kind of bizarre :exploding_head:

If I turn monitoring off, I’m not getting any sound through the filter in LP mode. In HP mode I get sound, but only pass-through i.e. no HP filtering…

Figured it out! Will have a fix soon.

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@avenir, update your script and sleep. You should be good to go. (still looking at the lfo situation)

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thanks. later I immediately update and try when I get home. I’ll let you know later

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Same problem:(
If it can be useful, I have tried to delete the script and install it again as the normal update process is KO: update failed

just to be sure, you’ve made sure that the monitor setting in LEVELS is all the way off?

navigate to the parameters menu, select LEVELS and scroll down to monitor.

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Simply perfect! by setting the monitoring levels to -inf the filter works great! I’ll make a video on my instagram profile very soon. to be honest I took Fates immediately after seeing the video on Phyllis !! I needed (live with drum machine only) to have a flexible non-euro filter and I liked it immediately. thank you very much❣️

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anything is possible! but, in this case pretty unlikely :sweat_smile:

i like this script where it’s at. that said, taking phyllis and swapping out the filter ugen is super simple… so, i went ahead and did it :slight_smile: here you go!

you can install this in maiden by entering ;install in the REPL.

you’ll need to sleep your norns after install, btw :smiley:

edit: (i should really throw a few band pass filters together for a filterbank script)