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hi all :wave:

very excited to be sharing some new sounds, facilitated by the beautiful geniuses of proun press. pre-orders have already begun and there were 25 tapes available (which have now sold !! ?? wild.) and we are in the process of putting together a second run of 25.

the bandcamp page has some writing about the stuff used to make the sounds, so no need to double-post what’s there. I’d like to share some other thoughts, though, if you’re interested.

I’ll pull the start and go from there:

// a group […] related to each other less closely than those forming a family, especially one in which the relationships are disputed or unclear.

when I recount a painful family experience, a particular brand of imposter syndrome takes hold. as I point to invisible scars, it feels necessary to add emphasis to certain facets, depending on who’s listening. I’m always worried that I’m somehow both blowing things out of proportion and completely downplaying.

the thing is that it’s never about how painful a particular experience was. it’s never about the memory of a single altercation. it’s about the years of work involved in normalizing these moments because it was essential to protect your understanding of these adults as caretakers.

ultimately, it’s a survival technique – to confuse and re-interpret what’s happening as love. a necessary cognitive dissonance to keep things stable.

since removing myself from my biological family, guilt and fear and anger slowly stopped being baseline requirements in my relationships. through this process, I have found others for whom this orientation is no longer default. some have had to discover this on their own, others had exceptional adults around them (who, for sure, still had their flaws + caused their own traumas) – but all have found a way of operating in this world with as much empathy as possible.

we make room for each other. we watch with kindness. we listen when the other tells us what they need. we care for ourselves the best we can + try to ask only for what is reasonable to provide.

that ‘phylum’ definition up top applies to both sides – the people you’re born into and the people you choose. family doesn’t have to be the former, even if it should, even though we so deeply want it to be true.

ultimately, family is a warm + healing word, completely free to use how you see fit.

there is blessing in alignment, there is blessing in departure.

thank you for reading + listening :revolving_hearts:


Sounds lovely, enjoying the crunch a lot. I am wondering about “cheat codes”, did you ever share that app?


thank you for the touching and oddly pertinent words dan.
can’t wait to have these songs on repeat in the coming cold months


not yet – WIP, but making good P! :slight_smile:

once the first inevitable speedbumps pass with broad use of the crow m4l devices, I’ll be cleaning the script up and sharing

also, thank you both for the kind words – happy to answer any questions, here or DM.


I just preordered, thanks a lot for cranes and less concepts and the music!


oh, thank you for the support!

the tracks in phylum are all improvisations sequenced with less concepts, sampled with cranes + cheat codes, then pushed through plumbutter (those filterssssss)

I’m grateful that the tools are helpful to others!

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Looking forward to your new one, Dan. Does cheat codes use HID + game controller? :slight_smile:

GUH, fuckin’ brilliant. now on the roadmap.

(thank you, as ever, for the support Jonny)


personally curious to hear about some of the patching strategies for the plum since filter modulation is feeling like my Next Thing

been vaguely researching into parallel DIY universe that is Ciat Limbarde & umph v nice indeed


yeah this is, a thing. glad to see more ‘on the sleeve’ things as it were around these parts. looking forward to hearing the entirety (and am only slightly bummed its releasing the day after i leave for a trip. would be nice to have on the plane) :call_me_hand:t3:

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Time has a habit of taking everything and everyone, so your strategy seems especially wise and, if the product of your experiences is any measure, especially beautiful. Courage, and thanks.


sounds beautiful & love love the artwork


The preview tracks sound very inspiring, looking forward to the full album, thankyou! :slight_smile:


The opening track sounds absolutely incredible, it’s so alive. Thank you.


Love the sound of this. Very looking forward to the release


thank you, all, for the positivity! you have created such a warm welcome for this weird lil collection of clips, I’m excited for the whole batch to be released :slight_smile:

ooo doggie. a lot of the filter modulation on ‘phylum’ is the last stage of a chain of modulated modulators. typically, deerhorn’s various outputs fm’ing the ultrasound which fm’s gong/av dog, which is also being modulated by the 3-roll and 4-roll which are also receiving modulation from deerhorn. one or many of these fm’ing the deerhorn oscillators.

having a touch controller (deerhorn) at the core of the patch is really lovely. small gestures, when chained and cross-chained, have wide-yet-recoverable affect. do it a little quicker, a little gentler, side-to-side instead of up-down. these are considerations that I wasn’t able to explore as deeply when working exclusively with eurorack.

hope this helps!



If you missed out on the first run of phylum tapes, no problem! We are doing a repress of 25! they are up for pre-order right now! They will ship out on 10/11, the same day that phylum will be released on streaming services!

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Great to see this being so successful - I am really looking forward to listen to my brand new cassette tape!

…will the first edition be signed then?..

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I pressed play before I read your description and was thinking this sounds like what it feels like to fall in love. Reminds me of fennesz and pita in that whole romantic noise genre.


this is a really meaningful note, thank you lee :revolving_hearts:

to riff, I think the partners we choose are very much expressions of every phase of the stuff touched on in the first post. we sometimes find others who give us opportunities to re-play those traumas, to give us another chance at addressing them as adults. we sometimes are able to find others who have had the same experiences and want to build a life of alternatives, to build the structures we wanted/needed but never received. love is a big piece. how we love others and how we ask to be loved are extensions of those themes, for better or for worse.

I had a grand plan that fell through, because the production process is split between Chicago and California :sweat_smile:. if we ever physically cross paths, though, I’ll make it right! :slight_smile: