// phylum

thank you so much @n-So + @rbxbx and everyone for letting phylum be a part of your lives for a little bit. it means the world :revolving_hearts:

this is such a lovely sentiment :slight_smile:
those ciat-lonbarde circuits are :sparkles: magic

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Preordered this then moved house. Fingers crossed I’ll have my music listening setup tonight to finally play it!

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i feel a sense of relief knowing the thread exists
somehow i missed it

was wondering why nobody was discussing this masterpiece and did a quick search before making a post to share with others

i like this album SO much
it is a full flood of emotions and i feel wonder, curiosity, joy and kinship while listening

there are more than a few tracks i wish i had made myself

wonderful achievement dan!
thanks for years worth of entertainment (and therapy)


j, it’s all muqarnas. your work + energy changed my life, in no small way. years of inspiration, a high watermark.

these words mean so much to me, thank you for sharing them :hugs:


Received the cassette today and I’m enjoying it a lot! Thanks for making this, @dan_derks! The sun is setting after a warm autumn day and your music is the perfect soundtrack for this moment.


Mine came in on saturday and we had a nice listen to it while cleaning some moldy records. It sounds even better on cassette - or is it the rusty old tape deck that is playing it again and again? I also noticed that I tend to listen deeper to cassettes then I do when playing files on the computer.

Thank you for this recording, @dan_derks !

…oh, and my record cleaning friend said, the cover design is nice - and right she is.


@dan_derks This is amazing and I LOVE LOVE it. We had a cold spell over the weekend and the heaters were not turned on yet. I put this in my ears and covered myself with blankets and the experience was indescribable really. Like being in the womb again perhaps. Anyway, bravo for another incredible release! Will be in heavy rotation for the foreseeable future.


this has been getting really heavy play over the last couple weeks.

the use of piano with the sequencing and sampling work all add up to something really wonderful @dan_derks


just wanted to thank you all for the deep kindness – those who posted such encouraging and warm sentiments here, as well as those who have shared energy with this release through instagram. it’s remarkable and means so so much. I will carry these thoughts with me for a long while :hugs:

also, Nolan Barry made this absolutely gorgeous video to spoiled water:


Bought. Lovely music, thank you very much for sharing!

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This community, I don’t know if we can call it a community, but certainly a community of minds, it never stops giving, and then, it never stops giving back. Your work is inspirational (it’s a word I don’t use lightly), it feeds both my heart and my brain, it helps at living, it helps at thinking. Rarelly did I ever find a place that, I thought, made me a better musician along with a more considerate human. It’s exhausting at times. But the release category has become one of my favorite places here. When I listen to Phylum, I feel like what we share here finally makes sense, and it goes somewhere. That even if we struggle with making our endless talks mean something, If it’s a burden to know wether or not we have an actual impact on the “the world we want to live in”, then still, then after all, because the music came first on lines, we still have something whole, something absolute, beyond our words and attempts at written communication, and so to me, as it’s always been since I started writing my own, at last there will be music. And as I write this I’m listening to @andrew’s beautiful M p k m c and I can’t help but think I’d like to write the same things to him too so here’s to him as well, and sorry if it’s not exactly on topic.


seconded, thirded, I’ll just get in line. I was actually thinking many of these thoughts this morning, about this place and Andrew’s contributions to our scene here in Chicago. making music is a funny thing – it thrives on focus and time and energy spent as much as it thrives on sharing focus and time and energy spent with other people. Andrew and Jade’s Open Space has been nothing short of transformational for me. over the last year, it’s collected people to do both sides of the music thing and it’s really healing.

thank you for sharing these thoughts, @LLK. it really means a great deal to be able to contribute to your sense of community here :hugs:


Totally missed this when it came out, and got a chance to listen last night - really enjoyed it! Very nice work.

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got a chance to listen to this tonight while i was at work (i work in produce at a local grocery store and past 4:30 pm im left completely alone to cut fruit)

i must say… this is the perfect soundtrack for viciously slicing at a cantaloupe. exquisite and colorful, much like the cover! great work.


just a quick bump for some unreleased phylum-adjacent tracks!

prior to @zanderraymond reaching out to release phylum on proun press, i had collected some tracks for a demo of the process i’d been exploring, which at the time was:

  • building piano sketches with less concepts and Spitfire Audio’s free Soft Piano library
  • loading those up into a Bastl grandPA cuz it has a really nice way of gritting things up
  • sometimes running the grandPA into cranes, sometimes running it into w/
  • either way, it all ended up routing to a Make Noise QPAS, modulated at audio rate with an STO

while i didn’t stick with this specific process super long, the experience of working with short loops and audio-rate-modulated filters was definitely a guide toward Plumbutter, which resulted in phylum.

fast forward to last week when Brian Everett Miller reached out to ask if i had anything i could share for his podcast, The Ambient Vault, which features a lot of longform and unreleased pieces. i’m glad i remembered this lil’ demo tape existed – it’s actually kinda nice for these tracks to have a home outside of a private soundcloud upload which i’d shared with only two people :slight_smile:

anyway, hope y’all are having a nice start to the week!


Thanks for sharing this, Dan!!! Phylum is great, and now it has some siblings😎

Can’t wait to dive in…

Can you say a little more about how you were modulating QPAS with STO? Was it the frequency that you were wiggling?

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listening back to these sketches for the first time in 2+ years, they do feel like they’re (pardon the pun) in the family. funny that it feels like having phylum out lets me treat these demos a little more empathetically, if that makes sense?

re: QPAS and STO techniques, this video pretty much inspired the initial experiments:

everything shown there was a jumping off point – but mainly, i think i modulated the RADIATE inputs the most, with the STO frequency just cranked as far up as it’ll go and hand-playing the knob to create a natural variable bitrate reduction effect. the same can be done on Three Sisters through their FM input :slight_smile:

anyway, thanks so much for listening!


These tracks sound gorgeous!


Is there any way to get these tracks in a format that I can pull into Apple Music? Like wav or aif?


these tracks are absolutely gorgeous! the Phylum-sound has inspired me immensely over the last year. I’ve often returned to micro-analyze “how did he do this!?” thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:

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