//// pictures of our sound-making machines and spaces ////

We must have a thread just for pictures of our sound-making machines!..

Here is my oldie-but-goodie to start with:


nice. was thinking of starting a thread like this. will upload some shots soon.

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new project this week:


this plus a guitar is my current ‘essentials’ writing/playing set up



And the other half


Does this mean I have to put some hipster sticker on my laptop?

Boob - great avatar, btw - what is that thing on the floor in the first picture? Like a midget piano?

Haha it was the funniest music/boob pic Google gave me.
But that’s actually a Fender Rhodes 73 with the top off (she’s slowly being restored)

All my keyboards currently reside on the floor of my room haha

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Where can I get a book of Heisenberg matches?!

Great thread! I’ll post some pics in the near future i hope. It’s inspiring to see others rigs.

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They came from Santa Fe I believe. Good spot!

The desk, currently:


@analogue01 what sort of case it that? (i’m still pondering stepping towards the modular light but would need to restrain myself, a small case seems a good way to do that!)

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Looks like a beige 90HP monorocket to me, which were used for the Make Noise Shared Systems about 2 years ago or so. I have one of these as well. But @analogue01 can certainly (de)confirm.

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@dspk It’s a monorocket skiff. @myecholalia is on the money. I don’t think monorocket sells them anymore (they used to, even apart from the Makenoise systems). Pittsburgh makes some small, similar cases. Enclave might still as well.

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Enclave is pretty much wound down now. But http://elitemodular.com/ is owned by the guy who was doing those and apparently has even lighter cases.

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Yeah, but elite isn’t doing 3u cases (yet) and enclave still has some for sale on their website :wink:

this is certainly a tangent but the new erica synths cases look amazing
i wonder what they’ll cost… (and if they’ll offer 3u)