//// pictures of our sound-making machines and spaces ////

Nice! That whole setup looks amazing. I could get lost in that for decades!

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New Mordax Data in a Doepfer mini case. The “Black Box” in front of my expanded Shared System setup. Just calibrated my STO and DPO last night with the help of @hermbot’s video.


Glad it was useful to you!

Electro Tower


Looks sick what modules are in there?

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This is a live improv instrument I am assembling. I have a small mixer coming for that spot on the pedal board to front end norns. It can be stand alone or integrated into a larger system with a mixer. cv pal clocks from Norns to the double knot. I’ve just been jamming and live looping with cheat codes so far and I keep losing hours. Eventually I will incorporate found sound / field recordings and other samples. It’s very exciting to have a patchable and immediate instrument as opposed to the hours spent patching my euro case and often not getting anywhere


Similar feelings over here which is why I’ve been selling off my euro stuff. That newer double knot 2 looks great in the darker blue.


New lineup for my synth pedal board now includes two Dreadbox pedals, the Koma RH301, and my first module the Waldorf nw1.


Grandpa’s tobacco pipes and cheat codes.


I used one of those vinyl covers from styleflip.com to change my Octatrack MK1 to a vague earthy color.


Oh, wow, this looks great. I really wish we could stop the trend of all music gear being jet-black and aggressive looking, and have more earth tones like this!


I’m having serious thoughts along the lines of “if this chap can make a guitar look like this, what can he do with my skiff…?”



Thank you! That means a lot coming from someone who has one of the most aesthetically pleasing setups I’ve ever seen :slight_smile:


My desktop toys. Seems like the only patching I do these days are power and audio lines.


Oh!! Well thank you for that incredible complement :octopus:

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It took me a couple glances to spot the difference in the numbers… I’m dyslexic too! I’ve noticed it’s much worse with numbers.

Im terrible when it comes to numbers too !

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I finally got my Tracker in, and I spent all morning playing with it! It’s a great centerpiece for a setup like mine, since I can use it for EQ and compression even when I’m not actually sequencing with it. I do MIDI out and audio through, but it’s easy enough to just pick it up and go to another room to just slice and dice samples or make beats.

As someone who has spent a lot of time struggling with every part of Renoise except the actual tracker part, having something this tactile is sooooo nice. And it looks really pretty, IMO.


Haha I was being a bit hyperbolic but I do really like the look of your setup. It seems like well designed instruments are important to you. I sometimes wish that I could start fresh and only pick gear that matched my aesthetics, but I’m pretty devoted to the workflow that comes with my current setup… maybe I’ll change everything when I want to explore a different sound.