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Really nice. What is the bow you are using ?

One of these:

I also have a cut down cello bow which is about the same length. Both have slight pros and cons and different feels, but both fit inside a drumstick bag, which is largely why I have them (“the best bow, is the bow you have with you”).


This rings super true for me too. Was trying to save money in buying cheaper stands, and various blocks and props but after buying a large Jaspers and a slim one for smaller gear, really happy.

So much easier to reach, esp with a stool can higher/lower and also stand obviously. Also, despite them being big stands, they ultimately save lots of space.

Looks good. I need to check out your music clearly :nerd_face:


I’m still getting to know mine but I like it a lot. I made some recordings yesterday straight from the mono out into a zoom h6. No processing whatsoever and I don’t think it needs it.


Nice! Where did you get those nice knobs? I’m using the ones that came with the kit, but I don’t really like them.

Did you build it yourself? I also found fitting it to the case was more difficult than I expected, everything is kind of squished in and the boards have to be really squeezed to get all the buttons through the panel far enough.

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Here’s the setup I’ve been using to finish a record I’ve been working on. The ms-20 and plumbutter are really nice for finishing stuff because they are so quick to work with…they both have tons of limitations which is great for not being plagued with tons of indecision…and I think they both have a raw sound that complements each other really well. I’ve been using either the meris mercury7 or the purple pedal (clone of earthquaker’s disaster transport jr. pt delay) for ambience. The mercury7 is running into my diyre colour duo running a bunch of ltl cards (api and neve style transformers, micro pentode tubes). Absolutely love how thick they can make stuff.

EDIT: Forgot about valhalla supermassive, that has been the other important ambience-maker on this one.


They ended the run of kits a while back so I ended up getting a Klang Generator build. He’s done a much better job than I could’ve done I think so no regrets. Did you source all the exact components? Someone on here might be able to help with parts

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I sourced all the exact components for the build. I got my kits a long time ago and just finished the full extra9 build now…

Mine has a couple of quirks that I’ll probably keep working on here and there…

The main thing I’d love to change are the knobs… the ones from the kit aren’t that nice.


Still working on my right hand technique and intonation, but I’m starting to get the hang of it, I think! Here’s a little snippet I recorded this evening on the patio here in Montreal:


wow !!! this is beautiful. i’m really considering ordering one.

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Should be your next project.


Here’s my on-the-go beat making case:


This is awesome! I love how you can change abruptly into different individual sounds, but the whole thing is super fluid. Such a cool, personalized instrument. You’ve clearly put in lots of work developing it.

What are those white noise blasts, like starting at 0:38?

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Yeah, that’s a big thing for me, being able to jump around quickly.

The white noise stuff is dragging a shit lapel mic across the head of the drum, and then using the crossfader to “cut” it (ala turntable scratching). You can see/hear more of that clearly in this vid (the first few seconds are a good example):


Just sold my octatrack and analog 4 to concentrate more on the instruments i actually use to make 95% of my music. Maybe i’ll do a little modular with that? Who knows!


Bought these in Beijing in 2001, 20 years later learning to play them so I can record them…
Love the translated names for them:
“joyful buzz”
“ground bell”
“empty clock”
“wind hyacinth”


Can’t say enough positive things about the new Grid. I have a 62HP Palette almost complete with Ansible as well, can’t wait :slight_smile:


Miss my nord drum 2 so much! Wonderful setup

I’ve used these wind wands lots for performing & recording strange whooshes.
But I hadn’t thought of their possible use as a buzzy Aeolian harp…
Forecast for 120kmph winds got me thinking…

Ten minutes later:

Its a bit sheltered where its currently sitting…
Will drag it out into the garden

For anyone interested, fascinating article as PDF about Australasian Wind Instruments