//// pictures of our sound-making machines and spaces ////

I used to run a bunch of stand alone synths (x0xb0xes, shruthis, gameboys, volcas, drumbrutes, dx200, etc) through ableton with a push but got really tired of how much time I spent in DAW Land trying to control them all at once. I never really felt like I could create and perform with them live, everything had to be setup before hand and it just never felt… well, natural, or organic. Uninspiring for the kind of music I wanted to make, or didn’t seem to lend itself to the music I wanted to create. So I sold it all a couple years ago and started getting into modular at the start of this year. Really enjoying the exploration so far.

A remnant from the old setup, the volca will probably go once I pick up a Plaits this summer, and I’ll be jumping into monome territory this July with an ansible/grid. I also have a reel-to-reel I use for loops/assemblage, but it weighs a ton so it doesn’t always make it out for little jam sessions (like today haha.)


Love that Denon!! I use it constantly.

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20 characters of nice maranta!

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the party van (thx @Rodrigo)


I’ve spent my morning getting acquainted with Kria while drinking strong, black coffee. It was easier than I thought to get started with, and the ratcheting really made the 208R sing. I’m really looking forward to the updated Kria with Just Friends support.

With no more instruments or effects on the horizon for me, I will finally spend some time and money on furniture. Turning my studio space into an environment I actually want to spend time in will probably be the best investment in years.


Starting to not even look like a snare anymore…


I love Tom’s Control module!
I messed around with many different methods of modular control too and for me it is faders. The 16n totally changed my approach to modular performance. I barely have to touch my modular when performing (now only to repatch).
I like being able to move +8 controls at once and at a glance get a graphic look into where my settings are positioned in one compact space.
I’m never going back to not having external controls


do you label the faders ?
I clearly see the advance of faders but for me, I need something to hold on… :blush:

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I also have a 16n and have explored it a bit for sending cv to eurorack.

Mostly I’m using the faders to play with cv inputs to various things, but now that I finally have a decent cv-able vca, veils 2020, I’m psyched to be able to use it for even simple volume control of audio…. I’d much rather adjust volume with a fader than a knob!

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Please tell us about the fretted block on the left! At first glance I thought it was a Dax from Hans Reichel’s Daxophone.

That’s more-or-less the idea, but an inverted version where the Dax is flat on the drum. I was looking at my (3d printed) Dax and wondering how I could incorporate it to the ruler-based playing I’ve been doing, but couldn’t figure out a way while only having two hands, unless I made a fixed mounting point for the ruler, in which case I just have a vanilla Daxophone. After some playing around I came up with this idea.

I don’t have a good video of it yet, but it just gives me more control over this kind of playing:

I designed a contact mic into the bottom of it, but it turns out that PLA just sounds like dogshit no matter where I put the contact mic, even with a preamp. So I removed it in the end.

Here are some pics of the prototypes along the way:

And here’s a better pic of the finished one:


Really neat. I am curious how the the ringed segments work with your playing? I’m trying to imagine the arrangement based on the video you posted, but my imagination fails me!

Essentially using them as, um, frets for the ruler so while bowing with my right hand, I can rock the ruler forwards and back to change the length of the extended bit of the ruler.

Although it doesn’t look like it, there’s a radius and relief to the mini fretboard so there’s a bit of clearance from the ruler hanging over.

Ah cool, I found this bit from one of the recent play talk play videos where I’m using the fretboard:

(it should start at 13:52, not sure if it embeds correctly with the time)

For a few seconds I’m controlling the pitch of the ruler how I used to do it (using the rim of the drum), then I move onto the fretboard for a bit. The fretboard section is also more step-y, obviously, due to the frets, whereas with the rim I can do more glissandi.


I can see it now! Thanks for the reference. Interesting! :slightly_smiling_face:

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This sounds so good! What an awesome idea. Really interested to see where you take it.


Really nice. What is the bow you are using ?

One of these:

I also have a cut down cello bow which is about the same length. Both have slight pros and cons and different feels, but both fit inside a drumstick bag, which is largely why I have them (“the best bow, is the bow you have with you”).


This rings super true for me too. Was trying to save money in buying cheaper stands, and various blocks and props but after buying a large Jaspers and a slim one for smaller gear, really happy.

So much easier to reach, esp with a stool can higher/lower and also stand obviously. Also, despite them being big stands, they ultimately save lots of space.

Looks good. I need to check out your music clearly :nerd_face:


I’m still getting to know mine but I like it a lot. I made some recordings yesterday straight from the mono out into a zoom h6. No processing whatsoever and I don’t think it needs it.


Nice! Where did you get those nice knobs? I’m using the ones that came with the kit, but I don’t really like them.

Did you build it yourself? I also found fitting it to the case was more difficult than I expected, everything is kind of squished in and the boards have to be really squeezed to get all the buttons through the panel far enough.

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