//// pictures of our sound-making machines and spaces ////

Great, I’d be interested to hear how it sounds!
The panels are both from Schaeffer, made with Front Design software. The soundlab panel was just cut and drilled. The graphic was a very thin decal I printed up and baked on. Lasertran I think? This was in the days before Schaeffer did printed graphics. With the Lyra 8 the whole thing was done in Front Design.


Very nice! The Soundlab looks great too :). Recently brought out my MFOS Soundlab ultimate that was my first real DIY build (and synth), and it is really fun and great sounding!

Very old picture of it - was so happy when this actually worked hehe. Don’t want to look inside… Built into the case of an old broken radio. DIY faceplate from laminated paper and drilled mounting holes :).


You nailed the color tones and pairings.

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Fantastic work. Well done.


That looks great! Yes you can get some nice tones out of these. Mine was also my first DIY build. I spent a long time fixing it up recently and making some new circuit boards for it as it had stopped working and some of the original hand-etched PCBs were not great. I recorded a few sounds from it for posterity when it was working again:


Managed to figure out how to get Midigrid working and got my £20 charity shop Launchpad Mini going :wink:


Eurorack modular system, bc sequencer, and volca sample as drum machine

Video-audio version


Good find! I dream of finding something cool in a charity shop, but never have, beyond the odd interesting bit of vinyl.

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Yeah found a few good books over the years and a Boredoms CD once but not really any music gear. For one thing a lot of them don’t accept anything electrical for safety reasons which probably means loads of amazing electronic junk has been chucked out :frowning:

eBay. It’s mostly ended up on eBay at inflated prices.

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Uh wow. What exactly is it? An EMS clone?
Tried to Google „DAP 1“ but couldn’t find anything.

I figured it was time to start liquid-cooling my snare…

Started a collaboration/project with another instrument maker that will lead to some interesting videos (cut by @Angela) once it’s all done. After a trip to the hardware store today, got some interesting sounds out of it.


Dual wind instruments with plastic bag reeds? Those are fun!

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Mixing + routing on the iPad with AUM and ES-9 has empowered the setup a TON while keeping almost the same footprint.

What you see here:

• 7U 104HP focused on sound sources, fx and cv sequencing/modulation
• 3U 98HP focused on controllers and performative modules (Plinky + ADDAC 112)
• OXI One being master clock + sequencing Koala (sampling), Ruismaker Noir and Rings on the iPad
• Pulsar-23 doing Pulsar stuff
• Norns with Cheat Codes taking care of recording and looping stuff in a wacky synced way
• iPad with AUM running, some buses for fx, compressors, limiters and tuner for the VCOs!
• 16n to control mixing and buses on the iPad
• FX pedals (not plugged here)
• A box with piezos, kalimba, springs and rods

It’s also surprisingly portable and can be downsized without many sacrifices since iPad adds an incredible value :smiley:


I am so happy to hear that! Didn’t know he did kalimbas, I bet they are good. Please post a pic and sounds if you get a chance, I would love to see. His service was great, I still want one of his bowed psalteries.

As for me, I received three Russian Vargans made by Dmitry Glazyrin recently (far left, Kumardak, Iremel and Atkus models), to add to the Michaelov (I think from Sakha-Yakutia), the Vladimir Potkin (from the Altai mountain region), a couple of Nepalese Murchungas (the yellow one being my fave for many years), and finally the Bjorgulv Straum from Norway. All have their own characters and sounds, but these new Vargans are just nuts. The two leftmost are the deepest, loudest, and longest sustain I have ever heard from these instruments. The Iremel is my fave so far, bassiest tone, (around 50Hz), longest sustain, and it has a magnetised ball bearing in the twanger that can be removed to raise the frequency and alter the sound, so it’s like two harps in one.


I found a Gloggomobil in a thriftshop and spend some time with Pure Data. Now I can sequence the Digitakt with it for extra wonky handcranked septuplet beats :grin:
After some trial and error it works quite well but it’s only monophonic so far.


20 characters of this is nuts …


Wow! Fantastic thrift shop find.

Another lighting old timer ressurected to be a CV source for modular:


Synth module, sensor, and plant

Video-audio version