//// pictures of our sound-making machines and spaces ////

Finished a hardware upgrade for my Tank Resonator/Giant Waterphone… the 2 metre long threaded rods create some gorgeous low frequencies. Aiming to record on the next windless quiet evening…


This post is ghostclub approved. You can tell I’m an expert in these matters because my profile photo is a cat with synths.


The state of home studio after a heavy purge. Sorry for no modular and succulents. (The empty modular case is on the shelf behind the photographer, the pedals are back on the floor together with a Mood mk1 I just received in trade, a Push is coming on Monday and all the succulents are downstairs.)


Some photos from this year, live and in the studio……


The third picture: Is this at Funkhaus Berlin?

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Early morning corporate gig yesterday-


That looks like a fun setup and time. How’d it go?

Oooooh, lots of nice moments here!
Can you say something about the collaborators and design approach of the project with the tabla?

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Today we have an open studios event in our area and I have set out a listening post on the decking for visitors to sit and play with sound.


Great idea, did people partake? What kind of patch did you have up?


Thanks, a couple of people were intrigued enough to sit and play yesterday, I set up a simple patch with uRings being modulated by Scion which was attached first to a Sycamore leaf (not much happening there!) and then to the apple tree (better) also I have a Addac AC308 Light to CV module which was fun waving the LDR around connected to Monsoons Voct, I also have been experimenting with some small solar panels that generate 5-6v in full sun and placed under a tree with the sun filtering through and the wind moving the branches creates a nice unpredictable LFO type effect


three noise makers recharging their batteries :smiley:



Pic 1,2,3,5 is funkhaus yes. 4 is Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and 5 is Middle East.

hey! it went great actually, thanks. i was trying out a new set, the top half of the 256 are music samples, the bottom half are spoken word snippets. i was surprised for how long i could just stay and jam on one idea. i usually get like that in the studio, stuck in one phrase or loop for an hour. i love steve reich and such but i know not everyone is into repetitive stuff so deeply. but because i was stuck in the corner of the room and everyone was mingling, i could be more in the background and just vibe it out. it was super fun actually. it was also my first gig with the intech midi controllers- and they worked out great, i could instantly and easily adjust the levels of each sample, and it turned out to be super handy. overall a very successful morning, gave a good confidence to play this setup again, in perhaps a more fitting setting next time (as in, not at 9 in the morning!!!)…



Inaugural test flight of my putative live set-up.

First thought: I need a small, powered mixer (Bastl Bestie?)

Second thought: The #Eurorack #modular hardware set-up is not yet completed. (Still not completed - is it ever?!)

Third thought: The logistics of carrying all this around on #London buses/Tubes is scary. :grimacing:

Where are we at? Test shows this set-up can (and does) work - BUT I need to give a lot more thought to the amount of hardware.

But now it’s time for more #HotBeanBeverage :coffee:


Nice setup! I seriously rate the Launchkey Mini as a small controller. MIDI out on TRS, and a surprisingly powerful arpeggiator, make it super fun and versatile.

Is that a 4x Stereo Mix at the right of your case? Might be redundant if you added a Bestie, which could free up some HP.

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I’ve only got the Launchkey very recently and haven’t really spent any serious time with it, but it looks like a good option for me in this small space, where even my Arturia Keystep takes up a lot of room.

Yes, it is a Happy Nerding 4x Stereo Mixer in the Palette, it’s one of the few modules that I’ve found really useful and has survived the many re-rackings that I’ve done but, as you say, it takes up valuable HPs. So if the Bestie could take over from it, that’s another reason in favour of it!

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What desk is this? :eyes:

It looks a lot like this one :

(I was just browsing this other thread looking for ideas to sort my own studio mess, lol).