//// pictures of our sound-making machines ////

that nodrum has such special sound
kinda miss mine

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Any way you can describe how it’s sonically different from various other nonlinear/glitch/whatever percussive-type sounds?

my memory could be wrong but it had resonant metallic quality leaning toward karp strong at certain settings…but for me more memorable than the sound was the internal architecture

just friends is the only module i’ve used that’s as versatile and flexible while solely self patched

played well with others as a modulation source and used to be my main clock for teletype excursions

unrelated picture offering


Oooh, that’s actually quite an endorsement.

I was wondering about the Karplus Strong aspect too; I have a Meng Qi Karp, but the architecture is indeed quite different. May have to look at this again.

That video wouldn’t happen to be generated by Gieskes’ new video module would it?

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[quote=“Larrea, post:1160, topic:462”]
That video wouldn’t happen to be generated by Gieskes’ new video module would it?
[/quote]it is, yes

I’m beginning to develop a vocabulary with it and actually prefer the glitch visuals of the previous version (oscilatoscope1) with splashes of colour and sync modulation from the new one.


Hallo double knot! It sounds like this.


Getting real close to finishing off this case.


Holy hell you’ve got some incredible sounds going on there.

I’m glad someone here got one of these. I was just thinking about them this morning while driving to work.

Posting because I couldn’t google the disassembly instructions or guts of an RE-301 anywhere. Just “finished” troubleshooting the solenoid which just stopped working. A couple < 24v kicks got it going again, but for how long haha


Thanks! I was one of the first to preorder :smiley: Had to wait a bit for it to travel along to Europe :slight_smile:

Here’s it jamming with the PB2 which seems a match made in heaven. Would be easy to do a whole live set on just the two.


Would def buy an album of those jams

Totally unrelated photo of berthoud pass from last week


Very nice! I’m planning on ordering one shortly…

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Old picture of an old setup. My setup now is much more balanced.


what’s unbalanced about that case?

Balanced in terms of a new case, a BI and Numeric repetitor :slight_smile:

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Snap of some of the modular madness that occurred at MOFO this past weekend in Hobart.


Oh man, you were there? Cool!

Did you see CellF?

Funny, I just sent an email to Andrew/NLC moments ago.

I will be in Tasmania this coming summer (err, northern hemisphere summer) with my son. Not about music though…mostly fairy penguins, wombats, and devils.


That looks like a blurry Darren Moore.

Yeah went and saw CellF a few times, they piped in various live performers to the neurons for kind of brain-synth jams, which was interesting to see how it reacted to different timbres. Tasmania is a beautiful place, was nice to get out of the heat of the mainland for a weekend as well.


I think it was → http://byronscullin.com