//// pictures of our sound-making machines ////

Sound quality is pretty decent, can’t compare it with the older buddha machines though, since it’s the first one I own :S The headphone out is great to use this little box as a sound source directly. I’m loving this thingie so far!

I love it. It is very much a one trick pony but i happen to like that trick a lot. I don’t use the cv feature much but I use the tap tempo all the time. It is very easily clipped and it is very noisy, both things that i like but might not be for everyone. Closer to an echoplex than a space echo. The best thing is having it in the rack – i love not carrying outboard gear. Especially vintage tape delays as they are huge!


Cool. I have a RE-150 Space Echo that I love… but yes, it’s big and lacks tap tempo. The delays are also rather short, I’d love a tape delay with longer/more flexible delay times. My favourite thing about it is turning up the “intensity” and letting it drone away in all it’s warble-y goodness.

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One from the other side of the stage:


Tonight’s finished projects: AxoControl for Axoloti and a ready to use EnviroPhat sensor board for Raspberry Pi (for an upcoming sound installation collaboration).


ooooooo vermona ooooooooo

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One of my favorite drum machines, had to part from it but will buy it as soon as possible. (Will NEVER part with my perfourmer MKII though)

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Added three new pedals. EHX Pitchfork on the far left - which needs to move to right behind the new EQD Warden Compressor on the far right. In the middle is an EQD Depths Vibe - which I love.


Recent quick experimental setup attempt. Working on filling up my modular rack more and more, Chord organ firmware on the radio music and Make Noise Function handle a lot of the ground right now.

Pedals are a Polish Power Pedals custom Onca (his take on the infamous Roland Funny Cat filter/distortion, there’s no pedal that sounds anything like it), a Boss DD-6, and a Make Sounds Loudly digital delay which has a nice analog like sound.


From a performance last Thursday. Monome is just out of the frame on the bottom left :slight_smile:


First modular patch at new home :slight_smile:


I recently got my own office at Intellijel HQ (in the big leagues now!). Current workstation setup where I spend most of my days:

I really need some posters or art… it’s productive but sterile.


Playing @ Leaven Community - Portland, OR


Where did you get that keyboard from?

Current setup.



Mobile coffe shop setup. I’d bring an interface but all of mine are powered and the owner of this place is lame and shut off the outlets to deter people from staying there too long : (

EDIT: There’s a video on the latest tracks page! Check it out!


google it. fully customizable. shipping to eu is high sadly.

Oh I realized now that WASD is the brand… I was assuming it to be the type of layout :slight_smile:

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this place:


Yep found it thanks! These sure are premium keyboards, but they seem really great.

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