//// pictures of our sound-making machines ////

As the kids say, dope chapeau.[*]

[*] I’m not sure kids say that, it would be cool if they did though.


Yup - Resonant Frequences #8, @ Soundwave Studios, Oakland

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I need to make it out to that next time. Looking forward to recordings, if you’re willing to share!

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Do you have an ISBN for the book? :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s called Kwaidan, ISBN 978-1435120235. Has some really good stories! And I don’t know if they’re all this way, but mine is a misprint that has like 50 pages duplicated in the middle.


Ok, so after taking some inspiration from the Studio furniture thread, I’ve gotten some furniture in the studio and kitted things out a bit more.

It’s pretty overwhelming I have to say. The moment I heard sound out of those speakers I was floored (I’ve never owned ‘real’ studio monitors, much less Genelecs…). There’s still some sound treatment and art go to up, but the studio is just about finished!

The main desk area:

The desk in context with the instrument storage next to it:

All the toys and stuff on display:

The ‘live’ area:

The ‘guitar’ area with my modified Danelectro and a junk guitar that sounds amazingly good:

The view from the drumset:

The sofa and cable storage:

“something old, something new” (OG Namasitar meets Shtar):

And a panorama for good measure:


so fucking legit!!!


wow, this room looks AMAZING!


dang dude! tell us more about the acoustics in that room!


It’s not as bad as one would seem (given how big it is). I think it’s because the roof, stone wall, and recessed doors/windows. I still want to do a fair amount of sound treatment to get it sounding quite a bit drier, but that’ll be the next step.


So many cool things in these photos, yet all i fantasize about is the cable manager, I’m so broken inside… is this a hack or is this something meant to hold cables that I can purchase somewhere ? Seems like a very clever trick and I might need it soon.


Let IKEA light your way:


(that whole series is great, the two shelf/storage ones that @madeofoak suggested, this “cable” thing, and I have a rolling thing under the bamboo table too)

I only wish it came with more of the special hooks it comes with (which you can’t buy more individually as it turns out), so I bought some of their other metal hooks and bent them to be suitable. I also bent the ones that come with it so you can (easily) fit more than one cable per hook.


That’s the output desk, yeah? How are you liking it?


Really liking it so far. Really big (which is what I wanted), so there’s plenty of ‘space’ to work on. Then lots of great details/perks in how it’s designed (the front rack bits are reversible, the shelf can be further in or out, etc…).

Since you all asked… video edit is done and out:



20 characters of Ray!

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Finished modifying my old rev1 weevil module to fit in the new super shallow Bugbrand frames so decided to take a celebratory pic!


i’ve been meaning to get a proper cassette deck for a while, and it finally happened! the fact that i can actually listen to tapes now is really just a small part of the excitement, i’m having a newly rediscovered love for that era’s designs (i kinda want to redo my living room to have a couple of vintage audio devices as the center piece). and i need to go back to the store and just spend a good hour there looking at everything they have. and maybe get a walkman too (sorry for a wall of text - had to share my excitement here as my partner has been uncharacteristically unsupportive - “you can just listen to music on your iphone, no?”).


I have this receiver which I love


The only thing I don’t love is that when I bought it, the person didn’t have the remote, and I haven’t been able to find anything that doesn’t look like a hacky mess and cost 80 bucks. Do you (or anyone else) have any experience about programming (new) universal remotes to work with older audio equipment like this?


I love that design era/phase. There was an Akai Casette Deck with similar color and interface design that I wanted so bad for about a year until I just ended up with something from Craigslist. It does the job, but dang was that Akai cool looking.

I’m trying to find out what model it was.