//// pictures of our sound-making machines ////


running some experiments


looks like 1hp extra on row 2 :smiley:


This is the first time I see a miasma. How is it?


Yeah, it’s like 3/4 of an hp actually and it annoys me XD.

Miasma is great! It does everything Rampage does but the attenuverters on the rise/fall time CV’s are super handy, especially for self-patching it. And the 4 quadrant multiplier actually adds a lot of options, aside from just ring modding the two channels, you can do stuff like send a sound into channel 1, use the slew as a grimey sounding filter, then set up channel 2 as an envelope and 4qx becomes a traditional VCA out. I love using it as an oscillator, too. It won’t track v/8 but I sequence it with Frames, just manually tuning the steps, and it works well.

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Pretty adorable couple


Finally finished the Lil Sidrassi paper circuit I started like 5 years ago and recent dug out of the half-finished box. Sound great so far. Need to find a good enclosure and add nice touch-contacts. Using long leather jacket spikes for most of them I think.


Would have been a lot easier if I’d lined up the two sides properly!!

planning :smiling_imp:

EDIT: finished it :slight_smile:

Peter’s description of it - “very touchable bee motorcycle sound maker box” is spot on :smiley:

Joy in pictures
//// pictures of our sound-making machines ////
Mobenthey/Ciat-Lonbarde (synthmall) thread

Do you have source for assembly instructions? That spikey box form-factor is really appealing.

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Forgot to link to the paper circuit page/schematic - http://ciat-lonbarde.net/paper/man/index.html

the box is my own design tho, it’s just a cheap craft box from The Works, the spikes are leather jacket studs (the large screw-in type) with the wire from each touch contact wound round the screw on the inside of the box

really nice to have an instrument playable purely by touching. That one spike in the corner outside of the pentagram controls the volume, if you aren’t touching that plus some other spikes it’s more or less quiet (bit of bleed thru tho).

the central spike I added because it seemed like the centre point of all 5 parts of the circuit should be touchable too :slight_smile:

I might change one of the ‘hairy capacitors’ as the biggest one i chose makes an oscillation so low that it just sounds like a click every 6 seconds or so rather than any kind of continuous waveform :smiley:


Way cool. Definitely inspiring. Totally going to go look at a my box of random capacitors and resistors when I get home.

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what material did you print your case with?



spent some time with @Niall since he’s been in town. We recorded a long synth improvisation with a friend of ours, looking forward to listening back to it soon :slight_smile:


:eyes:What is the easels :musical_keyboard: replaced with?

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It’s a 248r MARF clone. The awesomest sequencer on earth.


Yep, it’s a MArF! I built it last month and it’s been living there until my new case gets here, at which time I’ll throw it and the other 200 series clones I’m building in there and put the keyboard back in the easel case :smiley:


Little LFO/function generator hack in progesss


Wow! I’m literally doing the exact same thing right now with Moog 15 app! It’s beautifully quirky when run through sequencers :heart_eyes:. I just discovered sequencers a week ago if you can believe it! I’ve only been into electronic music for a year or so, very late to the game and also nobody I know is into this stuff at all in the little town I live in. I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one in the world listening to or trying to make this music. So happy to find I’m wrong! Cheers! You made my day :grinning:


Samplr is a killer app! I do a ton with it. I’m new to the forum and know that it’s a pretty hardware heavy community but I exclusively make music with my iPad - There’s just so much you can do and so many apps it’s crazy (Have you checked out Audulus 3? You can do almost anything with it but ridiculous steep learning curve…like massive :crazy_face:) I definitely understand the appeal of analogue though and would be all over it if I had the :moneybag:


need one, build one for me :)))


I have Audulus, it’s pretty overwhelming! My bandwidth for insane learning curves is pretty well taken up by eurorack and Ableton for the moment…