//// pictures of our sound-making machines ////


I need to know more.

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You and me both :slight_smile: Learning and listening.

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That’s a great idea. You can get those new on eBay for ~£20, tempted myself looks like a fun project.

Yeah but did you build it? What is it? I want to hear it :slight_smile:

It’s a ciat lonbarde plumbutter, you can read wayyyy too many things about ciat lonbarde here if you want to (GAS inducing thread, also a bit intimidating and weird but I think it’s part of the point !) Mobenthey/Ciat-Lonbarde (synthmall) thread


I hadn’t looked online for similar ones yet but there are some really cool boxes out there! (And some horribly, horribly tacky ones. What is it with wine drinkers and alligator skin?). Seems like some of the single bottle ones could make a good horizontal 3u case, too.

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its one of those things I feel the urge not to focus too well!

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taking this portable all battery power setup to jam with some friends this sunday. a nice day of music by the lake


Cool! What’s the black box in back? And are you bringing speakers?

Edit: And are you recording into Samplr or just playing from it?


Looks like one of Ikea’s new speakers, which are suprisingly un-terrible - at least the bigger one. Though the littler one can run on a battery!

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Interesting… I’ll check those out, thanks…

indeed its a portable speaker from ikea. i like it. its rechargeable, relatively inexpensive and looks really nice. you cant’ really tell in this lighting but it’s actually a nice gray color that perfectly matches norns.

i am both playing and live sampling with the onboard mic. being that this is a portable jam, i wont be bringing my audio interface but i’ve had nothing but fun / musical results using the onboard mic. getting the sounds of the park along whatever sound is coming from the speaker will be nice.


did a small jam in my bedroom “studio” yesterday.

Using the guitar directly into mlr on norns. The result, this:


That’s really good. Nice Jag also! :kissing_heart:

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thanks! it is actually I crappy spray paint DIY finished jag. Here it is in its former color with the rest of my offset family.


Is that a DIY norns? Or a prototype perhaps?

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DIY. Raspberry Pi housed in wooden box.

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