//// pictures of our sound-making machines ////

Built a passive LPG with a socket to try out different caps. DIY vacrol using some vintage LDR I had knockin around, the modern ones I have a big bag of are too slow (tho might still make an ultra slow one next to this on the protoboard, could be good for something). Still don’t fully ‘get’ lpgs, I kind of like it best with no cap (just as a vactrol powered gate_) or just a Dc-blocking one that makes no apparent difference to the sound :S

Some messing with it = frogbird: https://www.instagram.com/p/B8YyG70n7Vg/?igshid=14pxa0pywpah6


my setup from a show last week


Finally starting to get a euro setup that I really like. Focusing a lot less on GAS and on music theory now , so I think aside from some DIY (monome and 500 series) I’m more or less satisfied.


We’re gonna need to hear a recording of that one.

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great photo :slight_smile:

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…with emphasis on Machines, these DMX to PWM controlled motors make the strings sing in a quite special way, then I tune them with my eurorack. It’s for a performance premiering in march :slight_smile:


nice !
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Apologies in advance for the strongly worded coaster. :grimacing:


looks like an inside out hurdy gurdy! I’d love to hear a sound sample

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I need a coaster like that :sweat_smile:

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Loving this wee rig.


Ah I love Johanson but I’ve never seen him live (which is a shame because I think he resides/resided in the south of France ?), must have been great !

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That’s a nice little set up! Do you have any recordings with it? I’m curious on how the 0- coast can be combined with a small modular set up.

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Nothing yet. Literally just racked yesterday, but getting some really lovely sustained drones out of it. The 0 Coast is on loan from a friend but it’s an excellent little all-in-one companion.


Yeah indeed! I have it for 2 years now and I’m trying to find little set ups that work well with it. Really liked your idea. I think I’m gonna get a cold mac soon.


Trying to learn how to get a tracker to do slow moving ambient music.


An entire album of a tracker doing mellow ambient: https://fascinatingearthboundobjects.com/2017/05/11/quietest-chime-nvr048/

He’s even shared his SunVox code.


Thanks! I’ll have to take a listen :slight_smile:

nice! What kind of case is that? is that 64hp? I like that size :grinning: