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Samplr, on the app store… REALLY FUN…


thank you, i’ll look at that :slight_smile:

20 characters of +1 for Samplr on iPadOS.

Especially as it supports Ableton Link, so you can sync it with your Norns wirelessly.


those TT Electronics P260T pots are really nice. Just a perfect touch softer than the Alpha.
Well…so much about the mini-pots attenuators…as if they are not the most important pots from a pannel… :relaxed:


now THATs what i call controllerism :sunglasses: very nice! and the donkey kong sloth really ties the room together.


tty console on the norns – a breakthrough i was hoping for mainly for livecoding the norns SuperCollider engine, also while scripts are running.



I figure out that for me the best way to play the modular is turning knobs…I did try theremin, ribbon controller, tetrapad, keyboards…they all are fine but not for me.
Another idea for this controller is to curate what of a patch is playable and bring it all in one place.
Did I mention that big knobs are great…? :slight_smile:


Alright, was hoping someone would run Emacs on norns’ screen, just to add it to this list:


now I’m hopeful for vim on the screen for performance coding!


Remembering filter keys. Couldn’t bring myself to stick it on the MS20 tho :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::joy:


Droning with some old technology.


vi and it’s brethen work absolutely perfectly on the itsy screen. This, rather than the crazy 4K monitors is what vi, Emacs and ed(1) the standard editor were developed for :slight_smile:


Anyway @madskjeldgaard 's very smooth SuperCollider vi setup would be great to set up I’m sure, it looks very convenient when he’s working on it.

@eigen Just for the record I’ve run Emacs on norns since day one I got norns, over ssh so on a computer of smartphone screen, but last night was the first time on the console with no other gear than a USB keyboard :keyboard:


I agree - there are only three text editors worth using and vi is almost always the correct one… I do respect emacs users though, even if they are wrong.


That didn’t count in my list, it had to use the device’s screen.

Also, Y U no TRAMP?

Bad troll is bad.

Editor choice is like music gear choice. Use whatever feels right to you.

Read this for a bigger perspective.

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Right, got it. I appreciate this list, and i also appreciate running Emacs on my synth. – the way it’s meant to be! Not only Emacs of course, but all the GNU goodness. I am fantasizing about letting go of my laptop computer, and using norns as my the primary computer in my life (with smartphone plus keyboard) plus OP-Z. Or maybe using OP-Z to type, a MIDI->HID mapping would be too wild to do with a little Arduino project, plus of course re-learning that keyboard is a keyboard :musical_keyboard: = :keyboard:. But this is getting sidetracked towards the cyberdecks thread :wink:

:chef_kiss: Doing that too when I’m on the computer, but often on the smartphone so running locally on norns is nice.

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Thanks - I do know emacs vaguely well (I wrote a mail client that handled multiple mailboxes, loads of features, etc) that ran in emacs as well as an NNTP client just for a laugh about 30 years ago (plus a load of other programs in emacs) when I was playing with emacs.
I’m also very aware of editor “flame wars” - although it’s always more a case of gentle in-joking…
Vi is still better though :slight_smile:


Back to subject please… (this is one of my favourite threads)…


Ok fine you got me interested by using modded oldskool lighting gear to control your modular. Please elaborate.

You’ve added CV outputs?

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Wow, I’m also super intrigued by this recycled Zero88 desk :open_mouth:

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Added oak side panels to make it stackable against a wall as this thing is BIG (how many HP? [of my appartment]) and added the jacks (switchcraft). Viral story: the gentleman who put this thing together 25 years ago answered my e-mail and gave me tips how to keep good care of it.