//// pictures of our sound-making machines ////

I’ve heard great things about the Mark4, but I’ve been happy with the 3 so haven’t been motivated to upgrade…

I understand the converters in the 4 are even better…



I recommend to anyone who is facing a wall with their setup to put some kind of print, or in this case a tapestry, up if you haven’t already. It just felt so much better as soon as I put it up. Feng shui matters so much to me!

Also trying out a new signal / midi flow. Feels so good to move things around! :blush:


I’m still happy with my Ultralite mk3 hybrid too, hope it’s going to serve me well at least a couple more years.


@mdoudoroff on the underground :metro: reading your excellent manual


Sorry it doesn’t paginate worth a damn.


I can so relate to this!

Where did you get the angled shelf holders?

Haha it’s totally cool man every day I read it back over and every time a :bulb: goes on

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I recommend re-reading Trent’s document too. The way he talks about the circuits is important.

Setup from my album release show tonight. I used the same setup as I did to record the album, and played a 40 minute improvised set.


I’ll do just that today dude thank you

what’s the aluminium box beside oto machines?

Where can that be found?

Looks like a Hinton SwitchMix.


They’re from a Swedish company called Elfa, but I guess you can get their stuff worldwide. This is from their product line called “Sparring”.


really dumb question but HOW did you not tip over the serge case?!? seeing those things on end always gives me a mild panic attack.

It is a SwitchMix as @x2mirko pointed out. It’s in a 42hp intellijel 4U case along with a 1u quadratt.

I love it, especially for setting up a performance. It makes routing modulations and effects really simple, and I even use it to route and combine gate patterns as an improvisational sequencer.


Hah. That’s actually a table top rack, so it’s quite stable.

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That’s rad. Those things look so cool already, but then to have it as a stand-alone addendum to the setup is dank.

Someone posted some pictures of a soviet control room in another thread and it’s very reminiscent of those, or like something from one of those old experimental radio labs.

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Very cool - Thomas Ankersmit inspired?

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