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@Jonny Yeah, tangentially anyway. My music is quite different than his, but I love the way he plays his Serge like an instrument, and the SwitchMix felt like a big part of that from what I could see. I got to try one and was totally won over by the possibilities, but more than anything the playability and the quality.


Setting up a little music nook :massage_man:


almost done with my live setup. i have everything working together pretty smoothly. ipad running samplr, borderlands, patterning and audulus to control the eurorack. input a on octatrack is norns, input b is samplr and borderlands ( together in a send track inside aum ) input c is the eurorack, and input d is patterning. this allows me to put effects on each input, live sample them in to the octatrack or cue them out to live sample in to norns mlr. tracks 1-4 of the octatrack are the stems of my songs tracks 5-8 are the inputs. i want to create a setup where i could glide between spontaneously remixing my own material, improvising from scratch or just rearrange my songs and add some movement and effects.

gonna make some changes to the eurorack. ill probably remove cold mac, three sisters and second mangrove ( unless i step up to 104 hp which i really dont want to do as i really like keeping to a small 84hp ) to be replaced by an es3, wasp filter and rings. after that its practice, practice, practice!!!


I’m consistently impressed with how much you get out of your modular! your Instagram stories always make me think really hard about my approach to modulation :joy:


thank you! i really dig all the stuff you come with too. all the modulation / sequencing i do is with audulus through the es-8. ive found it to be so great as it costs nothing to create a million lfos/ sample holds etc all with dedicated attenuators and everything. its really conducive to experimentation. honestly, i was very close to leaving eurorack. probably would have if it wasn’t for audulus. it lets me keep a small rack ( and save money ) that concentrates on sound sources and filters along with letting me recall patches and perform live. that being said i stiiiil might have to go up to 104 hahah

oh also, experimenting with fm is way easy. you can mult the cv of the v/oct signal and have the multed signal play a sine wave inside audulus then send that in to the fm input on your oscillator. that way you can shift the ratio (octave) and attenuate to taste. all with a single output.


new stick


you all have great setups! This is my first rig, only have had it a few months!


A combo post.

First was in Montpellier, France over the weekend to work with a “European Meta Orchestra”, which was pretty fun. Only had a couple of days, and loooots of soundcheck/problems, so didn’t get too into the nitty gritty, but did meet a lot of cool people (including briefly meeting @ermina on my way back through Paris!).


Upon coming back to Porto, picked up my Shtar from the local luthier who made a bone nut and bridge for my Shtar.




lol. holy s#!t that’s insane.

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Whoa I wanna hear that thing! ::patiently awaits clips::

Noooo you were in Montpellier?! Absolute fail from me to notice!

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Current musical corner ft. a new addition (Coco :heart:). This thing has me all but ignoring my modular! I know they’ll be good friends though.



First modulars for me that are not borrowed. Both the Bug and Buchs are only a few months old and really complement each other. Also I am thrilled when new gear inspires fresh ways of working with old gear which is the op1 in this patch. And yay colour combos! :blush:


My new case has arrived. Very happy!


can you say more about the buchla case?

before I sold my easel, I was sorely tempted to replace the 218 with the TSNM. how are you finding that combo?

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The case is made by keen association. Its got a bunch of useful stuff built into its left cheek. A preset voltage sources, euro to buchla voltage conversion and my favourite feature, a slew processor with pulse extraction!

Im super happy with the TSNM. In my small system all these cool digital features are well appreciated, like the adjustable slew of the pressure response and also the clock divider is a real boon as well. There are some minor bugs that i can live with. My only complaint is that the pressure is not high enough voltage to open the LPG fully. This also sometimes means the pulser does not get triggered depending on what the the EG and seq inputs switches are set to. I think the easel needs 13v and this puts out about 10v. I believe its a simple mod to bump up the voltage though so i will probably do that.


Party at your place?!?

That is a thing of beauty!!!

I finally have enough inputs for everything! (Used FF800 picked up as an ADAT expander for my UCX, the back of both are nearly completely populated!)