//// pictures of our sound-making machines ////

I’ll sure get another one sooner or later. It has the same problem that Just Friends has: it’s too amazing as an oscillator, so you have to get a second as a modulator :grinning:

Bonus pic (it’s the Pictures thread after all):


New friends, all acquired over the last month. So happy with this as a high quality mixing, routing and output solution. RIP runs through a Really Nice Compressor as a final stage before interface or PA.


So much in such a small space! How have you liked the TXn/sumdif combo so far? I have a nearness on the way and have the LRMSMSLR on my to-DIY list.

I bought another omnichord! I love my om-36, but the midi output of the om-300 was really appealing to me. Ive had a couple hours to play with it, which has been great. The system sounds are really fun and the midi is working just fine.

Eventually I want to plug both the audio output and midi output into my Norns. For now im just playing around with midi and max.

Does anyone know what i have to do to get midi input to work on the keystep? Like so that the keystep behaves like a midi->usb midi adapter. I have tried a lot of settings changes with no luck. I have a regular midi usb adapter which works fine with the OM-300, so there is something wrong with my understanding of the keystep midi input… or something wrong with my keystep.


Really good! It’s great being able to place the mid-side wherever you want on a stereo spectrum, and of course being able to mid-side the output of TXn for a kind of extra layer of stereo imaging. Still a lot to explore. So far I really like running the TXn through the SumDif with the A+B going through one channel of DLD and the A-B going through the other, then returning each channel of the DLD into SumDif and out into my main stereo output. That way I have a different delay for both the mid and the sides that feels like it sits nicely over the top of the stereo image from the TXn. Sounds like it’s kind of sucking everything into symmetricality. Really interesting when the delays get rhythmic.


This past weekend we stumbled upon this room while at the Big Bang Festival at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. I had a constant grin on my face in there. More info here: https://www.logosfoundation.org/pneuma/pneuma2.html


Flight day :airplane:


this gang

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oh my how 20 chars of beautiful!

Kind of reminds me of Nil Frahms and Klavin’s Una Corda. Which, btw, is a gorgeous instrument that I could listen to for days straight.

Really looking forward to seeing your instrument finished!

Reminds me of the artist from NYC (whose name is escaping me and driving me nuts). His videos always show him standing in front of a similar setup. Truly impressive stuff.

Love the new case!

i’m seeing a lot of pamela+301 combo
do you guys think is the best portable solution for trigger/lfo to pair 301?

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I think they really make a wonderful mod couple :grin:
Pretty sure there are other (better?) options out there but I am super happy with Pam. I have it set most times the same: top row for triggers (Euclidean patterns are really cool to program) and bottom for LFOs :hugs:

:heart: my new Intellijel case.

Also cleaned up my desk space.


@Ithacus, I’m curious about that speaker with the handle, who makes it?

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Audio Pro (https://www.audiopro.com/en/product/addon-t5/#grey).

Works great for me as a Bluetooth speaker and also via the Line In (I mainly work using headphones so having some large studio monitors is unnecessary for my needs).

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My live setup at Genova Modulare, today.


That telecaster has my full attention right now. Also, is that a Tone King amp?

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I didn’t even notice that telecaster, that neck pickup looks like a monster!

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Gold foil, isn’t it?

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