//// pictures of our sound-making machines ////


Ha cheers yeah it’s a beauty. Is an eternal guitars tele, which I’ve since added a bigsby and goldfoil neck pickup (and flat wound strings :heart:).

That is indeed a tone King (well spotted!). I don’t get much chance to crank it at the moment, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it (fantastic Amplifiers).

The amp to the left is a tweed deluxe I built.

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I love the homemade amp. Here’s 2 of mine: a fairly modified Princeton Reverb clone I built and part of a JTM 45/50 clone with mods as well. The PR can be switched to an almost stock Tweed Deluxe plus some other neat tricks.


Finally finished the “parasite board” for my haptic feedback system.

Took a bit to figure out the dimensions and orientation as I want to house all of it inside a (3d printed) enclosure, and it’s lots of little cables and connections that need to be made. The idea is that the “top” bit with the medal dots showing will be flush on the top of the enclosure, allowing for the Basslets to be charged.

The finished parasite board:

It’s not the prettiest thing in the world with the big goobers of hot glue, but I wanted some strain relief while I’m still figuring out the enclosure and such. Once it’s in place everything will be firm and fixed, but there’s lots of testing and wiggling to do before that point.

And some pics of the progress:

Now back to the software side of things, of figuring out the best way to communicate with it.


Here’s my modular setup from last night with the Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra. 9u of Euro (with the A199 tank outside the case for some serious playtime) + Korg SQ1 (rarely used) + C-L Tetrax (used all the time :slight_smile: ).


@tehn & @kelli_cain beautiful, intimate set in the clouds last night!


Oooh! Any recordings of this?


I don’t have any recordings, but here’s a few more images!


This looks like a beautiful stage set.

Was the lighting set once and for all or were there changes throughout the show ?

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lighting was set once at the beginning.


Yeah, the giant cloud image is an old, hand painted photo/film backdrop I bought some years ago. I call it my “Hollywood Sky” because it looks like something you might see on a set of an old movie, or as a background in a title sequence.

The event took place in a College Center at MCAD. We cleared the room of all the tables and chairs, and I turned off almost all the lights, except for the cluster just above the sky. It really created a lovely glow that worked wonderfully with the sonic spaces Kelli and Brian created.


that is awesome!!!

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Agreed what a beautiful setup. You’re giving me ideas :slight_smile:

Tried to minimize my modular setup to just the 301 and a couple utilities but of course, I bounced back! Now trying to fill a 6u x 84hp case with bigger modules as I’m trying to keep the cost down. Worried way less about squeezing out every single hp and more about having fun modules with lots of controls. And then of course I got a screaming deal on a Rhodes a few weeks ago and very excited about that. The table being the exact right height was a beautiful happenstance…


Thinking about Nearness made me think about DAC resistor networks so I made one. Stole the idea from https://www.olegtron.com/olegtron-r2r-1 really.Seems very promising, not had a chance to try a coherent setup with it but plugged random squarish things in and got some drones going


Thank you for these interesting details, and thanks to @bmoren for the reply.

Of course not every sound / music performance needs some kind of dynamic light show.

When I first had a look at the above pictures, the light looked so good that I thought “that might be one of the best moments in the show in terms of lighting”.

It’s great that this moment lasted the entire show !


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Cute little system I’ve been playing around with. Perfectionists out there will give me flack for the dplpg spacing, but I can assure them it’s been rectified :wink:


Cool looking system! Could you show a detail of the feet on the case? I’m looking for a way to make my Trogotronic cases stand up.

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I don’t have one on hand, but there’s a better photo here


Thanks! I’ll do some research based on this.


Hope this helps a bit with the scale :blush:


the grid is llllllll’s banana.