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Technically Pachinko can be singular or plural (in Japanese, anyway).
And “Pachinkos” just sounds weird.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! Looking forward to reading your post more thoroughly after work. I’ll edit this one

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Awesome – I don’t speak Japanese and don’t know how plurals work in it, but I tried to check some online dictionaries for it. I admit I would find it satisfying if the modules were all plural :slight_smile:

I am using the Volca sync out to sync the green quantussy inputs and I am quit happy with the resaults.
The Mpc I am using just to play some samples into the coco. But i could also send midi to Volca and get synced everthing togather.

I made a quick and dirty video of how the set up works.
Only the kick is coming from the Volca


Gah. It’s one of those “once you see it, you can’t unsee it” kind of things. Now you’ve both gone and planted the seed in my head, Inception-style.



I’m currently planning a live show around this setup. Digitone is sequencing the piston Honda as a dirty mono synth, the virus and the E370 as 4 voices. Rings sequenced by Rene.

I’ve got 5 ‘drum’ voices patched in, kick/tom using the corgo, hats and snare with noise into the optomix, and then a digital noise thing with one of the channels of the bionic Lester.

The low gain sub mixes take a bunch of triggers and gates and make it fun to jam 4 of the drum tracks.

Morphagene running as a fairly standard sampler. Norns running Grandchild with 2 channels of pre loaded samples and 2 for live inputs. Clouds and eventide space on the effects sends.

So loads to play with!! Too much maybe…


Looks like a fun setup indeed ! How do you like the Resonator ? I am curious about that one.


its pretty wild! the feedback paths are really interesting but can get out of hand pretty quick. the pipe settings are fun and the lfo/envelope mix can get some interesting modulation going.


There’s alot to like about this! Can I ask if you have any details on the big frame that holds this gear?

5ft industrial wire shelving rack. I was so pumped to find one that holds a full 88keyboard.


The sounds of a water glass and bubble wrap were the stars of the show tonight


Whatever works! Where did you source the sawhorses?


Vermona in da house

Excited to bring her back to life


just some cheap ones from some store, they’re pretty easy to build though

My modular system, in its new home — retrofitted from a late ‘60s Samsonite attaché case — set up for a livestream I’ll be doing later today on my Instagram, to pass the time while we wait to see if our baby is coming on its due date, after all…


After thinking about how the 16n could be used as a step sequencer on and off for the last couple of weeks I realised I could just connect the i2c to a teensy with a few other components I had to hand and threw this together in a lunch break.


Paired Juno with OP-Z and it paired quite nicely. Albeit I must admit I should get back to regular keys playing practice as even basic things are now out of my reach :sweat_smile: